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Collects questions about recovering bitcoins after someone's passing, and preparing your cryptocurrency assets to be bequeathed to your heirs.

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Bitcoin inheritance

For a while now I've been wondering what is the best way to setup an inheritance plan for the bitcoin I own. Has any one here set one up? What’s your plan?
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Securing Digital Heritage

I would like to bequeath my digital assets in a secure way. I am the sole custodian of my bitcoins. I would like to release or pass custody conditionally, like upon death. This has to happen in a ...
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How to hold a fiduciary accountable?

Fiduciaries (executors, trustees, guardians) hold and manage funds on behalf of others (heirs, beneficiaries, etc). So it's important to be able to audit a fiduciary's transactions, to ensure he hasn'...
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Needing to recover husband's bitcoin account

My husband passed away a few weeks ago and he had a bitcoin account. Is there any way that I can recover that and transfer it?
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How to check a bitcoin account from a dead person

My father in law died 4 months ago. On the tablet of my mother in law we noticed he had invested in bitcoins. How can we check this still exist/that this is real? Does he have a customernumber or how ...
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Best way to distribute bitcoin to heirs in a will

I see on [bitaddress][1] you can generate a split wallet. That's where multiple parties have to each submit their "share" keys to generate the combined private key. So the hard part, the math, has ...
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Is there a way to inherit bitcoin?

I know this is a long shot: Is there anything I can do to recoup the bitcoins my father owned when he died? Is my only chance trying to find his password? What are the possible ways may father may ...
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What is the safest physical to store a private key only to be accessed after death?

Assume that my friend would like to encrypt his Bitcoin private key(s) and safely store them in a secret location. This located would only be identified to heirs after death in his will. Should he put ...
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Inheritance and Bitcoins

A basic economic property of any currency is the ability to hold its value in the long term. While Bitcoin's ability to hold its value is evident, since there is no central authority to control the ...
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Estate planning: how can I ensure my bitcoins are inheritable?

What are good ways to ensure my bitcoins can be inherited by my family when I die or become permanently incapacitated? I think there are probably two significantly different situations to account for,...
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Can you inherit bitcoins without the private key?

Since the private key is needed to validate ownership, how does it work when you cannot access the private key? Say X owned bitcoins and willed it to Y, but Y does not have X's private key. Say X's ...
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Recovering bitcoins after the owner's death

My Brother died in April and we believe he had a bitcoin account. Is it possible to find out how to recover/take over his accounts? I know this is a new form of currency but it seems odd there is no ...
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What happens when someone dies? [duplicate]

Who keeps the bitcoins? If he didn't left to anyone his private key, will the bitcoins be lost forever and ever?
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What happens to a person's bitcoins if they should happen to die prematurely? [duplicate]

What happens to a person's bitcoins if they should happen to die prematurely? Will those coins be lost forever if no one knows that person's wallet info?
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What happens to my bitcoins when I die?

What happens to my bitcoins when I die? Are they lost in the network?
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