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Use of Bitcoin in conjunction with space travel, extraterrestrial colonies, and the unique challenges of exorbitant latencies.

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Will Nakamoto consensus work if a nontrivial portion of miners/nodes are on the moon? [duplicate]

Will Bitcoin (or Nakamoto consensus) work if a non trivial portion (say 5%) of miners/nodes are on the moon? What about mars? How about one of the moons of Jupiter? If not, why not? If yes, how does ...
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Is a hypothetical Bitcoin network on Mars guaranteed to fork from the one on Earth?

Electromagnetic waves take between ~4 and ~24 minutes (mean: ~14 minutes) to travel a one-way trip between Earth and Mars. Suppose I set up a Bitcoin network on Mars. Is it guaranteed to eventually ...
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Is it possible to use bitcoin as interplanetary money/store of value?

Let's say humans have finally made a successful colony on Mars, how useful would bitcoin be to transfer value between Earth and Mars? And if it won't work with the current implementation, what would ...
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How do you create a planet-specific cryptocurrency that will ignore longer block chains from other planets?

I'm sure that cryptocurrencies will play a huge part of the economy across the solar system, when we have colonized many different planets, moons, and asteroids. But there are problems with using a ...
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What challenges will bitcoin face in space?

What would the challenges of transacting in outerspace be for bitcoin? What improvements need to be implemented to address these challenges? I'm particularly curious about low-earth orbit.
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