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Collects questions about methods and resources used to present Bitcoin to a person without prior knowledge of Bitcoin.

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Learning bitcoin from scratch [duplicate]

If someone wants to learn bitcoin and blockchain from the cratch please recommend the best resources for a)free and b) paid sources thank you e
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What is the most accurate Classification Of Bitcoin? [closed]

What is the most accurate classification of Bitcoin as a piece of computer "software"? would it be considered: An Operating system. An Application. A File. A Library. A Network. A Server. Framework. ...
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How to create an online Bitcoin account? [duplicate]

I am new to the Bitcoin world. I want to know what are the procedures / steps to do in order to create a Bitcoin online account ? What are the popular Bitcoin online sites for creating an account ? ...
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What was the first transaction which resulted in the very first bitcoin being mined [duplicate]

OK, so I understand that bitcoin in introduced into the system when mining is performed. And mining is a process of adding transactions records to the bitcoin chain of blocks. And transaction (...
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What is the Best Way to Learn About Bitcoin? [duplicate]

I Want to know what is the best way to learn about bitcoin?
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is this paragraph on bitcoin correct?

When Alice sends BTC to Bob, Alice creates a transaction, which is sent to the bitcoin network. However this transaction now needs to be validated and added to a block of the blockchain. The ...
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How to start with bitcoin? [duplicate]

I have been listening about bitcoin from my colleagues and they convinced me to investment into bitcoin. They also suggest me couple of websites to start with. I have started with one of them and ...
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Why do we need bitcoins in the bitcoin network?

I am new to the bitcoin world and I am just wondering why don't we simply use the US currency (or any fiat currency) to transfer money using the bitcoin network? Why do we need crypto currencies as a ...
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Why did the Bitcoin core developers slow the whole system down? [closed]

Currently I realized a huge problem the Bitcoin network. It is slow and way more expensive. You can not spend some dollars there and some there, cause of high fees and slow confirmation time. Sure, ...
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What technologies one should learn to become mature in cryptocurrency

I am a web developer. I've been reading a book about BitCoin, decentralization, and the blockchain, which has blown my mind and piqued my curiosity. I am now thinking about taking the CryptoCurrency ...
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How to suggest to our church that they should accept Bitcoin payments?

A little bit of context: I send 10% of my profit (the tithe) to a church. Along with the tithe I send money for different projects. I guess they can be considered donations. This church is a non-...
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I'm new to Bitcoin, how do I keep my bitcoins secure?

With the recent rally and media attention, lots of new people joining the Bitcoin community. A lot are asking: I'm new to Bitcoin, how do I keep my bitcoins secure? and if they aren't that's the ...
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Which textbook provides the best introduction to Bitcoin? [duplicate]

Can you please nominate a proper textbook about Bitcoin that covers the cryptographic tools utilized in Bitcoin?
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How do you answer the question "Why 10 mins?" for beginners?

I'm often asked "Why is the average mining time about 10 mins?". How do you answer this question if you are asked by beginners?
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Where can I find resources for programmers to understand Bitcoin?

I am a senior Python developer. Recently I came across to the need of fully understanding how bitcoin works on it's core. The Internet is full of explanations and tutorials for regular folks and ...
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I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started?

I am new to both StackExchange and to the new online currency called Bitcoin. I understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, but I was wondering: how do you actually get started with Bitcoin? I have ...
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Writing an article on Bitcoin for my school paper [closed]

I am writing an article on Bitcoin for our high school paper. What points do you think are important to include? I'm writing this article for a high school paper, so please put it into those terms.
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In what respect is Bitcoin "programmable cash"?

In my local Bitcoin meetup, someone said Bitcoin is "programmable cash". Can someone please explain if and to what respect this is true? I read about a few BIP (Bitcoin improvement proposals) that ...
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A "Bitcoin for dummies" guide?

I would like to introduce a number of people that are not necessarily tech-savvy to Bitcoin and instruct them how to make their first payments. Is there some "Bitcoin for dummies" guide that I could ...
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What is Bitcoin?

I'm a programmer, and a generally smart person, but I can't understand really what bitcoin is. Is it a new payment merchant like PayPal? Is it a virtual currency like LindenDollars that can't be ...
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What is a good way to concisely explain Bitcoin?

Often I'm asked to explain Bitcoin to someone and occasionally I come up with something stellar that really nails it, but most times it's a rambling incoherent mess. What I would like to see is a ...
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What are some good resources for understanding Bitcoin?

I've tried to read about what a Bitcoin is, how to mine, etc. I find them to be confusing in that I don't understand the underlying factors driving Bitcoin. Everything I've read seems to assume the ...
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