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Sybil attack with IOTA? [closed]

IOTA is one of the DLTs uses DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) as data structure. The solutions to attacks proposed by IOTA white paper seems unconvincing, in particular, in case of double-spending, it ...
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Is there a UTXO for IOTA? [closed]

How does the cryptocurrency IOTA keep record of the spent coins? Is there something similar to the UTXO where the unspent coins were recorded? And it somebody wants to spend a coin, do you have to ...
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What are the key differences between IOTA and Bitcoin? How are they different? [closed]

Please explain: Whats the key working difference between IOTA and Bitcoin? How does Tangle differ from Blockchain? Or link to some resources that define them.
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6 votes
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How is IOTA's Tangle different than classical blockchains?

How is IOTA's Tangle different than classical blockchains? What are the main differences and how do they translate to real world usage? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Tangle?
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Interested in BTC trade for IOTA [closed]

How do I exchange Bitcoin for IOTA? What's the best venue through which to secure IOTA ultimately as my end goal? Since that other company (it seems I cannot name them here) no longer works with US ...
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Does IOTA really have a Documentation? [closed]

I hear a lot about IOTA, but on the official site I found very little. I read the WP: but that's just concepts, I want to know details about software like "...
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3 votes
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Why iota coin do not support smart-contracts?

I thought that Iota-coin have a lot of common with Ethereum, but I hae found that it do not have support of smart-contracts. I googled about what was there reason of do not implement it (I really ...
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IOTA quantum resistance [closed]

I've read a great deal about the impact of quantum computing on cryptocurrencies in: What effects would a scalable Quantum Computer have ...
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IOTA Security with Tangle

I don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but I've been reading about an interesting cryptocurrency called IOTA which doesn't use a blockchain exactly but instead uses a directed acyclic ...
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