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Jade is an open source hardware wallet built by Blockstream and supports Bitcoin and Liquid. A hardware wallet (or hardware signer) generates, stores and signs with cryptographic keys.

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Which hardware wallets require importation of PSBT for knowledge of multisig set up?

My understanding of a multi-vendor multisig is that certain wallets require importation of the resultant multisig wallet's PSBT information in order to sign multisig transactions. Coldcard's ...
1 vote
0 answers

Can brand new hardware wallet have seed phrase initiated via sparrow? Or do is it need to be through wallet OEMs site only?

Pretty straightforward. Can I initialize/generate seed phrase of blockstream jade via sparrow? Or do I need to go through blockstream's site to do this?
1 vote
1 answer

Should different brands of hardware wallets be used in multisig setups?

Is there genuinely a compelling reason to use different brands of hardware wallets in multisig setups? I am contemplating using a series of Coldcard hardware wallets in a multisig setup but some ...
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1 answer

How is the entropy created for generating the mnemonic on the Jade hardware wallet?

On the Jade hardware wallet/signer how is the entropy created for generating the mnemonic? Where is the code located in Jade repo? This was asked by samsam380.