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Should an even Y coordinate be enforced after every key-tweak operation, or only at the end?

This is a very niche question regarding BIP340 and key tweaking with even-only public keys. I feel my question may be a matter of opinion, since there doesn't appear to be an accepted right / wrong ...
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I get an Invalid Schnorr signature when trying to broadcast a taproot transaction

I have 0.00036134 testnet bitcoin at the segwit v1 address: tb1p3au39skpdd8suuhunr4ymp6ca6akv9keq20v5twuagpmyqntqaasl22f4w I wrote this script to achieve 2 things: archive a hash in a transaction and ...
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Is tweak used when spending from script path for Taproot?

I understand that a taproot output can be either spent using key path or script path. With key path, a tweak is applied to the private key and then sign the sighash. The signature is provided as a ...
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Signing taproot key-path transaction from rust-bitcoin

I'm trying to make a taproot HTLC using rust-bitcoin for an atomic swap protocol. My plan is that in the "happy case" of my protocol, the coins are spent with the key-path, and then there is ...
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What would happen if you tweaked a public key with an odd y-coordinate?

From BIP341 this example code shows how you can tweak an x-only pubkey: def taproot_tweak_pubkey(pubkey, h): t = int_from_bytes(tagged_hash("TapTweak", pubkey + h)) if t >= ...
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How does OP_CHECKSIG work for Taproot script path spending?

I've been studying all the ways Taproot transactions can be spent and I can get all of them to work except for when script path spending is used and the script is executed. Transaction 0c045625... is ...
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What does it mean to tweak a public key?

Public key tweaks are often talked about in the context of taproot but I cannot find a definition of what precisely "tweaking" means.
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What is an adaptor signature?

What is an adaptor signature in Bitcoin? A simple definition with some examples that could be understood without knowing cryptography in detail
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How to tweak a public key for Taproot

From what I know, to tweak a public key, I can use: Q = P + H(P|c)G where Q is the tweaked public key P is the initial public key (P = xG where x is the private key) H is the hash function | is ...
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Can you use un-tweaked public key with P2TR?

Given some public key, is turning it into a working P2TR address and then going back from P2TR to get the same pubkey possible? I've read about the tweaking but don't really get it - do you need to ...
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Why don't add salt to the tapscript in Taproot?

The corresponding Merkle proof needs to be given when unlocking UTXO using MAST, where the hash of an unused script will be included. For the observation, it seems possible to guess the unused script ...
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Retweaking other person's or my own taproot address

Suppose I get a taproot address=schnorr public key from an exchange that is not tweaked using mast merkle root and I wish to tweak that public key. This will yield a potentially different public key. ...
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