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Questions tagged [key-tweaking]

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1 answer

How to tweak a public key for Taproot

From what I know, to tweak a public key, I can use: Q = P + H(P|c)G where Q is the tweaked public key P is the initial public key (P = xG where x is the private key) H is the hash function | is ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can you use un-tweaked public key with P2TR?

Given some public key, is turning it into a working P2TR address and then going back from P2TR to get the same pubkey possible? I've read about the tweaking but don't really get it - do you need to ...
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How does tweaking work for x-only keys, and what is not good in the example I gave?

How does normal key tweaking work in case of Schnorr digital signature schemes? For all examples I am using online tool for point multiplication and point addition. (I suggest you to use them if it is ...
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