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Is it possible to check latency of already approved transactions?

I am running a BTC core node and I would like to perform some experiments and analysis on Bitcoin transaction latency. However, I see that the method getrwatransaction returns an object with: "...
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How throughput, latency, finality, waiting time are defined?

I am confused with the below terms. Could someone explain them in simple terms and confirm that my rationale below is correct? Waiting Time - Throughput - Finality - Latency - Confirmation Time I have ...
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How do the various Lightning implementations treat latency? How long do they wait for a peer to provide a signature before using unhappy path?

Rene Pickhardt brought up the problem of latency on the Lightning Network in this answer on using nested (or "recursive") MuSig2 or FROST when providing a signature within an existing ...
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Is there evidence for lack of stale blocks?

There was a recently published academic paper "Bitcoin’s limited adoption problem" which used a statistic that the network latency is around 15 seconds. Obviously, this is not true: One can ...
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Is a hypothetical Bitcoin network on Mars guaranteed to fork from the one on Earth?

Electromagnetic waves take between ~4 and ~24 minutes (mean: ~14 minutes) to travel a one-way trip between Earth and Mars. Suppose I set up a Bitcoin network on Mars. Is it guaranteed to eventually ...
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Why not connect to all (huge amount of) nodes?

If you mine, a good network propagation time is important in case of mining-forks. I read that bitcoin only connects to 8 nodes. I would connect to many nodes as I can support to minimize my block ...
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Will every message x reach all connected peers in time t?

I've asked similar question here: Is gossip protocol in Bitcoin perfect? But I didn't get an answer to my question really. I am ideating a consensus algorithm and I need definitive answer. Can we ...
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Is Bitcoin's gossip protocol perfect?

With Bitcoin's gossip protocol, could we take it for granted that if I sent a transaction, for example, at 1:00 PM on 1st January 2018 UTC that then every node connected to network at 1:00 PM would ...
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How can low latency and high scalability be achieved with increased block size in BTC?

One of the solution to address low latency and high scalability in BTC is to increase block size. A single block takes 10 min on average for proof-of-work. Increased block will also take same time for ...
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How propagation delay depends on the block size?

According the paper 'Information propagation in the bitcoin network'. by Decker and Wattenhofer. For sizes larger than 20kB the cost can be said to be constant, whereas for small sizes there is a ...
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Is it possible to use bitcoin as interplanetary money/store of value?

Let's say humans have finally made a successful colony on Mars, how useful would bitcoin be to transfer value between Earth and Mars? And if it won't work with the current implementation, what would ...
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Is selfish mining still an option with compact blocks and FIBRE?

The selfish mining strategy relies on withholding a block to build on it in private. When the honest chain publishes a block, the attacker immediately broadcasts its own withheld block in order to try ...
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Are blocks sent only after finding nonce?

One of the concerns with increasing the block size is that it may get orphaned more often due to network latency in sending the big block. Why can't miners send the block without the nonce as soon as ...
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P2Pool Node Latency

Just wondering what I can do to reduce the latency of my node. I have periods of .4s latency and it slowly drifts upwards. This seems to be a trend as the latency has been rising steadily. It doesn't ...
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How could block propagation time be reduced?

This website measures block and transaction time propagation.. At the time of writing, the time required for 90% of surveyed clients to get a block is about twelve seconds. (I just averaged the last ...
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How do you create a planet-specific cryptocurrency that will ignore longer block chains from other planets?

I'm sure that cryptocurrencies will play a huge part of the economy across the solar system, when we have colonized many different planets, moons, and asteroids. But there are problems with using a ...
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Does a new block necessarily include all transactions that occurred before its generation? What about network latency?

I read What exactly is Mining? and What are bitcoin miners really solving?, but was left wondering: What happens if a new transaction comes in, whilst mining? To answer that, I found Do transactions ...
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Why does pool latency matter?

I often read about latency and ping. I am programmer and I understand what latency and ping is. But I do not understand why miner can't process block with certain delay. Why do 10ms or 100ms matter?
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Making change in a timely manner

If using Bitcoins in a real world brick and mortar store, a customer presents a paper with a QR code, merchant scans QR code and deducts purchase cost from Bitcoin total presented. How can merchant ...
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How long does it take to propagate a newly created block to the entire Bitcoin network and why?

Once a new block has been created, it is propagated to the entire network. I’d like to know how long this would take “on average”. The propagation delay can be from several causes, and I’d ...
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P2Pool latency, should I host in a datacenter or at home?

I read about latency on P2Pool being a bad thing. Is this latency between the miner and P2Pool, or P2Pool and the network, or both? I am trying to decide if I should host P2Pool pool on one of my ...
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Mining pool performance optimization

What are the main components one should focus on when trying to maximize a mining pool's performance? Assuming the code is pretty optimal (there aren't any inefficiencies), what should a pool owner ...
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