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Questions tagged [ledger-hardware-wallet]

Ledger is a popular hardware wallet manufacturer.

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3 answers

How to retrieve total BTC held in Ledger wallet

I'm new to Ledger. As a software engineer, I'd like to write my own app (for my own personal use) that is sort of like a more basic version of Ledger Live. I want to show my balances on my own private ...
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Incorrect Network

I was hoping someone could help with a transaction please. I sent BTC to my binance account via my ledger. I think I used BTC segwit to send but sent it to the BTC address on binance- I was not aware ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What is the controversy with Ledger's new recovery service?

There has been a lot of controversy recently over Ledger's new recovery service which will shard your seed out to third parties for storage. What is the controversy? This question was posed by ...
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How do Ledger Backups get stored?

Scenario Say you have configured a ledger wallet with 10 BTC and 10 ETH. You then lose this said wallet but you have the 24 unique words. You buy another ledger wallet enter the 24 words and BAM, ...
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Is a smart card more than an non-updatable/inacessible and tamper resistant software?

This question is asked in light of the latest Ledger Recover debacle, and an earlier question. I'm trying to understand whether devices such as smart cards or YubiKeys are anything more than than a ...
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Can you retrieve funds send to a legacy address created with a Segwit extended private key imported in Mycelium from a Ledger Nano S?

I imported a segwit xpub6-key in Mycelium as a watch only address. It only shows address starting with 1 instead of 3, which makes sense. I retrieved a small amount on the legacy address and it shows ...
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Bitcoin core wallet shows a wrong balance

after downloading and running bitcoin core v24.0.1 I connected to Sparrow wallet which in turn was connected to a Ledger hard wallet. Here is the problem: after bitcoin core did the rescanning the ...
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3 answers

help can I recover ltc sent to a btc address

Im super new like a lot of people. I have a nano s ledger and I attetpted to send ltc from coinbase to the ledger only to realize I used the btc address on my ledger. Is this recoverable?
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Does Ledger Nano S Have an xPub or a zPub for Bitcoin wallets?

{ "xpub": "tpub-big-long-key-that-starts-with-tpub", "index": 1, "freshAddressPath": "84'/1'/1'/0/0", "id": "libcore:1:...
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What is the 25th word in a mnemonic seed when used on a ledger nano s?

By default ledger nano s generates a 24 word mnemonic. What is the 25th word feature? Is the the passphrase they are talking about?
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