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Ledger is a popular hardware wallet manufacturer.

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How can I accelerate confirmations in ledger nano s?

I am using Ledger Nano S hardware wallet to store my bitcoins. Last week, for an experiment, I decided to send bitcoins to hitbtc currency exchange with zero btc fees. I was wondering how many hours ...
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Is a smart card more than an non-updatable/inacessible and tamper resistant software?

This question is asked in light of the latest Ledger Recover debacle, and an earlier question. I'm trying to understand whether devices such as smart cards or YubiKeys are anything more than than a ...
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How to generate a legacy-compatible address using Ledger Live?

I'm trying to withdraw funds from Bittrex to my Ledger device, but it seems they do not accept native Segwit addresses. Is it possible to generate a legacy-compatible address (for instance a P2SH-...
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createPaymentTransactionNew with Bech32 address

How to properly call createPaymentTransactionNew using @ledgerhq/hw-app-bt to spend utxos from a bech32 transaction? This is the code I'm using to call it, having previously defined inputs and purpose,...
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Bitcoin core wallet shows a wrong balance

after downloading and running bitcoin core v24.0.1 I connected to Sparrow wallet which in turn was connected to a Ledger hard wallet. Here is the problem: after bitcoin core did the rescanning the ...
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Transaction I didn't make is unconfirmed

I have an unconfirmed transaction that's come from my ledger wallet that I didn't make. The transaction doesn't show in the wallet history but the balance is now zero. Can anyone advise? I'm a bit ...
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What is deterministic validation for hardware wallets?

On, they mention that the Ledger Nano hardware wallet "while not open-source, .. can be deterministically validated." What does this ...
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Transferred coin from Ledger Live to Sparrow

I transferred my bitcoins from Ledger Live Wallet to Cold Card. When I launch Sparrow, it shows the spent amount from ledger live and the coins received to their respective addresses. Is it expected ...
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is it possible to recover my exodus wallet, from a backup file?

I have a one year old back-up ( When extracted from ZIP and placed that folder in AppData/Roaming/ now it asks for passwords which I don't remember anymore. Inside the 'exodus.wallet' ...
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Ledger Live:Risks with private keys by downloading any other app except BTC

If quantum computers will be able to crack private keys via public addresses with BTC,it's defence is double hashed addresses but not eth for example... would that mean that any other chains with ...
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Share the same private key on two ledger devices

I have 2 ledger device. Let's suppose one for me and one for my wife. We want to share the same bitcoin account. Is it a good practice to setup the first ledger and then restore the keywords on the ...
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How to generate a new receive address for each transaction on the Nano Ledger S?

I am wondering if it is possible it have a new receive address each time I receive a crypto. Some exchanges do this for you automatically, but I noticed each time I hit 'display' it was the same ...
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Maidsafecoin sent to Ledger Nano S

I sent maidsafecoin to a segwit Bitcoin address generated by my Ledger Nano S. My understanding is the coin is safe at the address and the Nano recorded the transaction as a very small amount of btc. ...
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How to get ripple from Nano Ledger S?

About five month ago I purchased and put around 2,000 ripple on my Nano Ledger S. I never upgraded the firmware. I can log in to Nano Ledger just fine. The problem is when I open the desktop ...
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