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Ledger is a popular hardware wallet manufacturer.

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when does an address shows on blockchain?

I have a ledger wallet which generates several public keys/addresses. Without having used any of them, some of them are shown in whereas other produce an "Unrecognized search pattern" ...
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What is special about a private blockchain based on proof of stake?

I recently came across a paper published in 1988 called "A quorum-based commit and termination protocol for distributed database systems". I could not read it because it is not free, but to me this ...
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How can one reinitialize the HW.1?

I've got a HW.1 a while back at a conference without any additional information. I had played around with it a little bit then, but didn't intend to use it as a wallet immediately. Now, I've been ...
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What is the difference between ledger_hash and ledger_index in Ripple?

In rippled's API, for example in account_info, we can see that ledger_hash and ledger_index are different from one another. ledger_hash is just a hash of the ledger. However, in this graphic we can ...
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