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LevelDB is an embedded key-value storage developed by Google that is used in Bitcoin Core for block index storage and quick access to the UTXO set (unspent transaction outputs).

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Querying insight-api to dump all addresses with a positive balance

It's been some time I've been using 'insight-api' ( and I couldn't find any documentation / anything helpful to query leveldb in a way that all addresses with a ...
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How to delete last n blocks / roll back to specific block number in Bitcoin Core? (Like `monero-blockchain-import --pop-blocks n`)

I have Bitcoin Core's bitcoind running and synced in a VM. Now I want to clone the VM and run one of the various hard forks (such as Bitcoin Cash) in the clone. The plan is to roll back my copy of the ...
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What is the relationship between LevelDB's cache (default 8MB) and Bitcoin's UTXO cache?

Please correct me if I am wrong. Bitcoin uses levelDB to store UTXO set. LevelDB has a default 8MB block cache, and the Bitcoin also has a dbcache(default 450MB). What is the relationship between the ...
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why is bitcoind daemon occasionally stuck at `Opening LevelDB in .../.bitcoin/chainstate`despite clean shutdown

My bitcoind daemon sometimes takes an hour to go past Opening LevelDB in .../.bitcoin/chainstate After googling a bit, i thought it was simply an unclean daemon stop causing a leveldb corruption. But ...
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Error While making windows.exe using gitian build?

Actually I'm making a logos windows exe (logosd and logos-qt) following the release process, which is mention on below path on any coin you can find that path, I'm working logos LGS Coin that's why I'...
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Cannot unserialize chainstate transaction outputs after de-obfuscation

I was able to read chainstate database. Getting the key and de-obfuscating to get a valid last block. However, when it comes to transactions that follow after that, I cannot de-serialize them no ...
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Error opening block database Full node

For some reason my node shutdown and now I get when restart it Error opening block database here my bitcoin.conf txindex=1 reindex=1 reindex-chainstate=1 # Accept command line and JSON-RPC ...
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What can cause the chainstate database to become corrupted?

I have written a tool that accesses the chainstate LevelDB database to get a list of UTXOs. The tool would originally corrupt the ...
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Get value from leveldb bitcoin using node.js?

I request information about the block 100001 using leveldb and node js. Below is my code example. var level = require('level'); var db = level('E:/download/blockchain/block'); var str = '...
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how to build altcoin in mingw?

OS : Windows 10 Installed Dependencies: -qt4.8.6 gcc 6.3.0 boost 1_55_0 berkeleyDB 4.8.30NC openssl 1.0.2l I tried compiling with the following commands: qmake "USE_UPNP=1" mingw32-...