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Questions tagged [lightning-autopilot]

In the context of Lightning Network, an "autopilot" is a program that examines the network and suggests to node operators which other nodes they should create channels with, based on criteria such as desirable network topology.

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How can wallet software implement automatic channel management for Lightning Network?

If I'm building a desktop Bitcoin wallet with Lightning support, and I don't want the user to have to worry about channel management, what's the way to achieve that? I've seen the autopilot solutions ...
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What criteria should be taken into account when selecting nodes to create new lightning channels with?

Alex Bosworth recently pointed out: I see people connect to a "well connected" node on LN and by that they mean they connect to a node with lots of channels. The number of channels is actually a ...
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How does lnd's autopilot feature work?

Autopilot automatically connects to peers in order to establish a p2p network. I didn't find however a complete explanation of its motivation and logic.
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