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A complete implementation of a Lightning Network node developed by Lightning Labs and other contributors. Licensed under MIT. LND needs btcd, bitcoind, or neutrino as a back-end service.

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How is node capacity determined on

I have set up a Casa node, using lnd, and opened 15 payment channels. The capacity of my channels, after almost 3 weeks, is exactly what it was when I opened the channels, leading me to believe that I ...
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What is the October 2022 bug in LND, what caused it and what would prevent a similar bug in future?

LND users are being asked as of October 2022 to urgently update their Lightning node software due to a bug in LND/btcd (alternative Bitcoin implementation in Go). What is the bug and what caused it? ...
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Lightning Network: How was the maximum allowed HTLCs in flight computed?

The maximum acceptable max_accepted_htlcs (maximum number of HTLCs forwarded concurrently) is specified by the BOLTS as being 483. How was this value chosen ?
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How exactly do I use Lightning Network? Does it even actually exist? Where is the download button for the official, highly trusted CLI application which works with Bitcoin Core? So that I can actually make Lightning transactions? ...
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Running lightning in prune mode

I am running lightning with the LND implementation and a full node. Nevertheless, I heard that it is possible to use Lighting in pruned mode. How is this possible? I read in the LND install ...
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What are the downsides of Hodl Invoices?

As far as I understand hodl invoices enable some interesting use cases. However, I heard that they can be detrimental to the network. Is that correct and in what way? Additionally, at a talk at the ...
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How to convert channel id from c-lightning to lnd?

Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm not very good in lightning network... So I have two daemons: c-lightning and LND. Channels from the c-lightning comes like this 505580x1917x1; Channels from the ...
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When opening a LN channel using LND, what does 'push-amt' do?

I set up Lightning node (LND) and wanted to receive a payment. Autopilot for managing the channels always creates channels w/ zero remote balance, thus nobody can route a payment to/through my node. ...
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How long can my lightning node be safely offline?

I am interested in setting up a full bitcoin and lightning node on my pi. I want to open a few channels and be well connected in the network. I intend to keep this machine on permanently, but may ...
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How to obtain the Channel_ID from the Short_Channel_ID?

Is there a way to retrieve the Channel_ID knowing the Short_Channel_ID without using any lightning network explorer? How is the Short_Channel_ID calculated? Is this operation reversible?
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Obtaining Lightning network graph data

I was wondering if it is possible for me to obtain data about the Lightning network mainnet, particularly the nodes and the edges (channels) in the network. I know that the graph is visualized in ...
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Under what conditions would lightning channels be force closed automatically?

I suspect this depends heavily on the implementation, but maybe someone can shed light on the circumstances that would lead an implementation to force close a channel automatically. A user asked this ...
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Automatic force closure and on chain settlement of expired HTLC

After roughly a month of mostly smooth operation a lightning node (LND 0.16.2-beta) automatically initiated a force closure of a channel. Two days later an expired HTLC was settled on-chain. In both ...
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How can you construct a cycle with LND to rebalance one of your channels with another? [duplicate]

I have at least two open channels, one of which has inbound capacity and the other has outbound capacity. How can I find a route and construct a payment to rebalance my channels against each other ...
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Why might my db be locked on starting bitcoin-qt after a clean shutdown and reboot?

I have LND v.16.2 running under Windows 10 with Bitcoin Core 23.0 on same machine. When I need to reboot, I gracefully stop my LND node and close bitcoin-qt from the GUI, waiting until it has ...
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How does LND make sure that it does not reuse the same route for a retry after the first payment failed?

Suppose LND node A wants to send a payment to another node D. The pathfind algorithm based on Dijkstra found a route through B and C and initiates the payment. It fails, as B -> C does not have ...
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Why is lnd's channel.db so huge and when will it stop growing

I am running my lnd node since about 60 days. Looking at the file channel.db, I found it grows currently about 500M per day: btc@xxx:~/.lnd$ ls -al ./data/graph/mainnet/channel.db -rw------- 1 btc btc ...
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Reuse of payment hash in Lightning Network

Suppose there exist two such payment transfer request: A transfers 1 msat to R via A->B->C->R and S transfers 5 msat to R via S->B->C->R. Let the two HTLCs be formed across both the paths ...
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Why is my LND node closing channels?

I have noticed when running lncli closedchannels, that I have some channels that are closed by my node (close_type: local_force_close). I am quite sure I have not initiated this manually myself. Is ...
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Minimum funds required in a channel in Lightning?

I have noticed that, I cannot exhaust the funds in my channel to one side in lnd. I understand this makes sense so as to have some punishment in case of fraud, but I cannot find the reason for the ...
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ZeroMQ support in Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 out-of-the-box?

In my previous question, I'm wondering why Lightning Networks lnd cannot talk to my Bitcoin Core bitcoind backend. The docs for lnd says it requires ZeroMQ compiled into bitcoind. Does the binary ...
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lightning node daemon hangs at "waiting for chain backend to finish sync, start_height=521042"

I'm using Lightning Networks' lnd 0.4.1-beta node in Windows, with a Bitcoin Core bitcoind full node backend. The bitcoind full node has the --txindex option, and is fully synced according to ...
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