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LND Rest API in Django

Looking for some help here. I am trying to create a Django Rest API for payments using an LND node. I am following the documentation of the Lnd REST API (
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lightningd wont work: SQLITE version mismatch: compiled 3036000, now 3032003

I installed bitcoind and trying to run lightningd through this guide: I did everything it says. Bitcoin node ...
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Transferring all funds from a custodial service over Lightning Network

This is the third time (meaning three different services) something like this has happened to me: A custodial service holds a small amount of my bitcoin. When I want to withdraw all funds to my own ...
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Can Phoenix wallet steal my funds?

Phoenix wallet is a great UX Lightning Wallet, and they're able to deliver that UX by making a few different tradeoffs. None of those tradeoffs involve them owning your private key, but in their 2019 ...
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Two party payment channels, how to set one up?

Most guides to LN describe it working "through 'payment-channels', wherein two parties commit funds", usually Alice and Bob. But I cannot see a way to actually create this scenario. I've just started ...
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Transaction size limit across a single path in a Lightning Network and fee earned

Given MPP is included in the current version of lnd, an arbitrarily large transaction can be processed in the network. What is the transaction size limit across a single path? Is it still bounded to 0....
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Run lightning-charge on c-lightning regtest

I'm trying to run lighting-charge ( on top of one of my 2 lightning ( instances. I am running 2 nodes ...
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c-lightning node backup-restore

How do I restore a c-lightning node from a backed up hsm_secret ? I have tried running lightningd by replacing the generated hsm_secret with the backed-up one. It shows no output and no channel. How ...
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How to obtain your nodeID (QR code) in eclair-mobile?

I want someone to open a direct (no hops between us) channel to me in lightning (she will be the funder, I'll be the fundee). How can I get the QR code of my node in my eclair wallet to show to the ...
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Throughput of Lightning Network

Is there any reliable source of information regarding the estimation of the number of payments that occur in Lightning Network every day? If the total number is impossible to estimate are there any ...