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Lightning Network: How was the maximum allowed HTLCs in flight computed?

The maximum acceptable max_accepted_htlcs (maximum number of HTLCs forwarded concurrently) is specified by the BOLTS as being 483. How was this value chosen ?
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How exactly do I use Lightning Network? Does it even actually exist? Where is the download button for the official, highly trusted CLI application which works with Bitcoin Core? So that I can actually make Lightning transactions? ...
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1 answer

What are atomic multi path payments (AMPs) and why/how is it being implemented in Lightning Network?

There has been a lot of discussion and articles around how the implementation of AMP is going to benefit the routing capabilities of Lightning Network. What is the exact issue in the current ...
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Minimum funds required in a channel in Lightning?

I have noticed that, I cannot exhaust the funds in my channel to one side in lnd. I understand this makes sense so as to have some punishment in case of fraud, but I cannot find the reason for the ...
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Reuse of payment hash in Lightning Network

Suppose there exist two such payment transfer request: A transfers 1 msat to R via A->B->C->R and S transfers 5 msat to R via S->B->C->R. Let the two HTLCs be formed across both the paths ...
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