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How is a node in the middle prohibited from keeping the money in a routed Payment in Lightning network?

It is my understanding that Lightning is to scale with users having only few payment channels by leveraging the six degrees of separation theory to facilitate payment routing. I understand how onion ...
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How are paths found in Lightning Network?

I understand now how multihop payments can work in LN, but how do we discover payment paths in Lightning Network in the first place? Obviously you'd need to take into account the available capacity ...
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How is node capacity determined on

I have set up a Casa node, using lnd, and opened 15 payment channels. The capacity of my channels, after almost 3 weeks, is exactly what it was when I opened the channels, leading me to believe that I ...
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What are the downsides of Hodl Invoices?

As far as I understand hodl invoices enable some interesting use cases. However, I heard that they can be detrimental to the network. Is that correct and in what way? Additionally, at a talk at the ...
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Do the channel balances get publicly announced in real-time on Lightning Network?

In Lightning Network, is the balance publicly announced in real-time? On the one hand, it should be public as it is crucial to the routing mechanism. But, in case that the balance might reveal some ...
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What are atomic multi path payments (AMPs) and why/how is it being implemented in Lightning Network?

There has been a lot of discussion and articles around how the implementation of AMP is going to benefit the routing capabilities of Lightning Network. What is the exact issue in the current ...
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What exactly are route hints?

In the documentation for LND's addInvoice rpc call there's a field for something called route_hints which are described as: Route hints that can each be individually used to assist in reaching the ...
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Is it possible to cancel a lightning invoice?

Could the user who generates the invoice not just delete their secret so the payment would not be successful? Maybe there is a more eloquent way that wouldn't result in users funds being stuck for a ...
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What happens if R is not revealed by one of Lightning Network nodes? (Payment cancelation)

Let's say we have route of 3 hops A -> B -> C -> D (A pays D). And in the middle of payment (revealing secret R stage) node C disappear from network. In this case B will be not able to finalise ...
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How does LND make sure that it does not reuse the same route for a retry after the first payment failed?

Suppose LND node A wants to send a payment to another node D. The pathfind algorithm based on Dijkstra found a route through B and C and initiates the payment. It fails, as B -> C does not have ...
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How much privacy does Lightning actually have?

I can't find any information on what information is actually contained within a lightning transaction. Lets say Alice wants to pay Bob on lightning and routes through R1, R2, R3 in the following order ...
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Reuse of payment hash in Lightning Network

Suppose there exist two such payment transfer request: A transfers 1 msat to R via A->B->C->R and S transfers 5 msat to R via S->B->C->R. Let the two HTLCs be formed across both the paths ...
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Minimum funds required in a channel in Lightning?

I have noticed that, I cannot exhaust the funds in my channel to one side in lnd. I understand this makes sense so as to have some punishment in case of fraud, but I cannot find the reason for the ...
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Current simple ways to participate with a Lightning Node?

Lightning is kicking it!! I just read this article about worldwide nodes distribution So, my questions are basically: 1)) what ...
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Lightning - Question about force-closures of channels and its impact on recovering funds

Dear Lightning experts, someone mentioned in context with lightning channels the following things, and I would like to ask you if this statements are true, and if yes, is this a problem in a future ...
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Lightning network routing failure rate

Let's say a lightning node A wants to route a payment to a lightning node B, being A and B not directly connected.A looks for routes throughout the network, using the info about the total capacity of ...
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What are the different kinds of Lightning routing nodes?

I understand that there are end users at the edge of the network (typically with private channels) and routing nodes (with public channels) doing the routing of payments. What are the different kinds ...
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