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0 answers

How to get BTCChina full Orderbook (FIX or alt API)

I have worked through BTCChina's FIX APi (using their java example). Creating a subscription request message such as: public static Message marketDataIncrementalRequest(String symbol) { quickfix....
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2 votes
0 answers

Is there a chart that shows the breakdown of the protocol versions in use?

Modern clients broadcast the protocol version. A snapshot of the data summarizing the numbers per-client occasionally will appear, but I'm wondering if this info is published periodically or is ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Determine basic Bitcoin network attributes

What is the most simple and reliable way to determine basic Bitcoin network attributes? By this I mean (estimated) total network hashing rate, difficulty, number of blocks solved, etc. I know there ...
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0 answers

Losing my mind trying to fetch the JSON from bitcoin charts

I have tried various attempts at calling the JSON from bitcoin charts using Javascripts, including using AJAX get method and also the getJson method, but neither are working for me. I saw ways on how ...
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1 answer

Any charts/bots out there for volumes going from private/unknown wallets to known exchanges?

To figure out if whales are suddenly moving their BTC or USDT etc from their private/unknown wallets to known exchanges. Or vice versa, if they're comfortable enough to move a lot back onto their ...
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0 answers

Frequency of MtGox market orders

Im currently trying to estimate the frequency of incoming market orders to MtGox order book. Assume the following buy limit orders: BID 2@150 BID 3@149 against which ONE market order to sell 5 btc ...
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1 answer

Where I can download financial & technical data for graphs of bachelor thesis?

I'm writing bachelor thesis and I have to do some graphs. I think that I can take snapshot, but it isn't good idea. Can I somewhere download historical data about Bitcoin? EDIT. I need technical data ...
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