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Expected propagation delay of channel fee update

If I change the fee in one of my channels, how long does it take for the update to get propagated through the network? Are there any rough estimates on how long until it reaches, say, 90% of the nodes?...
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Are payment channel attributes in the Lightning Network always directed?

While learning about payment channels, I understood channel attributes like base fees, proportional fees and maximum HTLC size would be directed, i.e., the attributes from A to B would not necessarily ...
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Identifying Closing Balances on Lightning

Is it possible given on-chain and gossip protocol data to derive closing channel balances? For example, the following channel between ACINQ and magnetron has two txouts but unsure who's balance is ...
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How can I find out what proportion of the LN nodes are running specific implementations?

Is there a way to find out what Lightning implementations power which proportion of the Lightning Network? I tried checking a number of websites with statistics about the Lightning Network including ...
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What does TLV stand for?

I'm reading about the gossip protocol and wanted to know what a TLV is. I can't find what it means anywhere.
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Lightning implementations

Why are there two implementations of lightning? Is it because majority agreed on using Go for a reference implementation but a minority dissented that choice and built the alternative C implementation?...
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Why is lnd's channel.db so huge and when will it stop growing

I am running my lnd node since about 60 days. Looking at the file channel.db, I found it grows currently about 500M per day: btc@xxx:~/.lnd$ ls -al ./data/graph/mainnet/channel.db -rw------- 1 btc btc ...
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How to get a full view of the lightning network with c-lightning?

As I understand lightning a node should in principle have a complete view of the lightning network graph (i.e., all nodes and channels). However, I also understand that for practical reasons the view ...
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lightning-cli listnodes is empty. Am I missing something?

I want the result of listnodes like the following. How can I do that? { "nodes" : [ { "nodeid" : "028e5a8e86540f703e1f58880d35d1e318a54c27d84ec1edbcde04a78ed4469a1e", "alias" : "???? ...
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Why did the lightning network implement a gossip protocol?

As pointed out by many lightning developers in the past (e.g. Rusty's 1 million channel challenge) the gossip protocol is quite noisy and a part of the BOLTs causing many engineering challenges. ...
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Can the lightning network be subject to DoS attacks due to message flooding?

In the current implementations of the Lightning network protocol (c-lightning, eclair and lnd), is there any check that stops spamming/flooding of channel_announcement, mode_announcement or ...
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Do the channel balances get publicly announced in real-time on Lightning Network?

In Lightning Network, is the balance publicly announced in real-time? On the one hand, it should be public as it is crucial to the routing mechanism. But, in case that the balance might reveal some ...
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What is the purpose of the announcement_signatures message as specified by the Lightning Network RFC?

Isn't the channel_announcement message enough for channel advertisement? Why is the announcement_signatures message required? Reference BOLT #7
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