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Lightning channel decrease capacity

Let's say Alice and Bob have a 2BTC channel together. Both have a balance of 1BTC. Can Alice withdraw part of her balance (say, 0.5BTC) from the channel?
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Could LN wallets be seamless?

Currently, the funds deposited in a payment channel cannot be sent on-chain without closing the channel. Similarly, the user must open a brand new channel in order to deposit some on-chain funds into ...
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3 answers

Will Lightning Network still require a confirmation from the network?

I have studies the Lightning Network, and although I understand the concept, I have not understood the following: Let's assume that a network channel is opened between parties and all transactions ...
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Why can't lightning network channels increase balances?

If A and B have a Lightning Network channel,it was opened with a funding transaction (say, 1BTC from both sides for 2BTC total). After A has spent some time transacting with B, the balance of the ...
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Is it possible to add funds to an already-open lightning network channel?

I would think that user A on a channel should be able to add bitcoins to a channel using the following steps: Create a transaction sending more money into the main multi-sig account Create a refund ...
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