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Testing new releases privately on selected nodes?

I think the main vulnerability of Bitcoin is a new release messing things up in a way that it will completely destroy people's faith in the protocol. By this I mean something like what happened in ...
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Gen=0? Will still mine Bitcoin, but will not generate Rewards

I have a debug.log showing approximately 80 rewards from january 2009 to roughly sometime 2011. I am using bitcoin 0.8.6-beta with Gen=1 and I've ran my wallet through bitcoin 0.8.6 a few times. I've ...
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What was the nature of the temporary 500K block size limit imposed by Bitcoin Qt 0.8.1?

BIP 50 describes the temporary steps taken to correct a chain split in March 2013. One of them was: Limit the maximum block-size created to 500,000 bytes
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Has a hard fork ever occurred?

BIP 50 describes the 2013 event in which a block chain fork persisted for several hours. Its first paragraph reads: A block that had a larger number of total transaction inputs than previously seen ...
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How is a hard fork resolved?

In March 2013 there was a fork following the v0.8 release. The issue was resolved rather efficiently, as explained in the post-mortem report. However in this process there were winners and losers: the ...
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Is there a reason pooled miners should revert to 0.7 due to the fork?

Can miners who mine in a pool ignore the request to revert their bitcoind to 0.7, and stay with 0.8? As far as I know, it's the pool that counts in this case. (Except P2Pool, which behaves a bit ...
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How was the blockchain's "hard fork" automatically resolved?

As a result of an "official" change in back-end databases from BDB in v0.7 to LevelDB in v0.8, in addition to an increase (by some mining pools) to a higher block size limit, there was recent "hard ...
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What block numbers & hashes were discarded by the March 2013 blockchain fork?

When exactly (GMT) were these blocks mined?
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In the blockchain split of March 2013, where should miners mine, 0.7 or 0.8?

I want a clear cut answer + references so they is no confusion. Today March 12 2013, on which fork should miners mine, 0.7 or 0.8?
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What should I do about the March 12th 2013 blockchain fork?

Reddit/r/bitcoin is flooding with news that the Bitcoin blockchain has forked, in that versions 0.7 and 0.8 are accepting different blockchains. What does this mean for the users?
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Given the recent <0.8 bug, when can we safely have larger block sizes?

Given the <0.8 bug and subsequent fork happened because of a particularly large block, does this mean that large blocks can not be used until the large majority of the community switches to 0.8? ...
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How is it possible to detect system wide segmentation?

In this post, MoonShadow says it's easy to detect system wide segmentation. Yet a system wide segmentation is fairly easy to detect, the current client just doesn't do it. If code implementing my ...
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