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Questions tagged [marketing]

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2 answers

Why Bitcoin design is orange?

Why is Bitcoin colored everywhere in orange even when the historic late 2000's color was some yellow-ish / gold-ish? In some places e.g. the Bitcoin group at GitHub, it seems to be portrayed showing a ...
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Why does Bisq not upgrade Tor addresses silently [closed]

I started up Bisq today. It had a pop-up with elaborate instructions on how to "upgrade Tor v2 addresses to v3". This involved shutting down Bisq, deleting a dir and then starting it back ...
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1 answer

If the Lightning Network is so great, why is it "level 2", not stable and not built into Bitcoin Core? [duplicate]

Lightning Network, as it's described, seems to solve all the problems with Bitcoin. I'm unable to accept payments due to the insane fees, but would be able to if Lightning Network were supported. But ...
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2 answers

How did Satoshi grow the Bitcoin community?

Is there an old record of Satoshi's first attempt of promoting Bitcoin? Did Satoshi had initial beta testers? What was Satoshi Nakomoto's marketing strategy? When I mean marketing as in from a ...
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Just realized right now how an ICO scam can be run... without transparency■■ [closed]

Been doing some research on ICO (initial coin offerings) coins, assets, and companies. And I just realized right now there is nothing stopping the initial stake holders from putting in their own money ...
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2 answers

Where to advertise new bitcoin service? [duplicate]

i created new service which is using bitcoin for payment. I am bit struggling with Bitcoin community and don't know what to do next. Recently i - i added service to wiki - created ...
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1 answer

What products, deals or other incentives are available exclusively to those paying with Bitcoin?

Occasionally I'll see an offer that is available only to those who pay with Bitcoin. What products are sold in which no other payment method is offered, or other offer extended only to those paying ...
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1 vote
4 answers

What are some good ways of marketing a Bitcoin related service to Bitcoin users?

What is a brief summary of some good ways of promoting a Bitcoin related service? This could include: Bitcoin Service Directories Forums Advertising Mailing Lists ??? The target audience is people ...
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1 answer

How do we prevent the Test network from being misrepresented as production?

I'm concerned that people new to Bitcoin may not be aware that the test network exists, and the new users will end up "paying" for Bitcoins that are essentially worthless. What protections are in ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What are good ideas to help promote Bitcoin? [closed]

Even though I'm a person that is usually informed about anything related to new technologies in any area, I can't believe how I didn't know about Bitcoin until a few months ago. Then I thought, ...
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1 answer

How do I get started in finance & market analysis?

I'am currently new to bitcoin & doesn't any finance or market background, currently I got huge interest to how this currency system will affect our life, as I spend more and more time reading ...
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3 answers

Should there be a Bitcoin equivalent of Tux? [closed]

Many questions on this forum center on the idea of getting Bitcoin to go mainstream. One mechanism that the Linux team employed for their distros was the idea of a mascot - the Linux penguin, Tux (see ...
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