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“Mastering Bitcoin” is a book by Andreas M. Antonopoulos giving an introduction to the fundamental concepts and technical details of Bitcoin. Mastering Bitcoin was published in 2014, and an updated 2nd Edition was published in 2017.

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Compiling bitcoin error : A compiler with support for C++17 language features is required

I am reading the "Mastering bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain" book by Andreas Antonopolous. In the chapter about compiling bitcoin, the instructions were to execute first ./autogen....
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BIP32 HD Wallets: HMAC vs. "just" Hashing the Seed

In A. Antonopoulus' Mastering Bitcoin (2nd edition) on page 106, there is a nice illustration showing how the basis for a BIP32 HD Wallet is generated: So here is the one thing I don't understand ...
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Lightning Network node collusion

I' m learning about Bitcoin and LN enjoying Antonopoulos's excellent "Mastering Bitcoin" book I stumbled upon Figure#7 in Chapter 12
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Question about Second-Party Transaction Malleability described in book "mastering bitcoin"

In book "mastering bitcoin", 3rd edition, page 136, there is a statement as below. "Tx1 spends the second output of Tx0 to two new outputs, one to Alice for her share of the joint funds,...
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HD wallet root seed length

Mastering Bitcoin describes the process of generating the HD wallet seed: "1. Create a random sequence (entropy) of 128 to 256 bits." ... 6. The mnemonic code is the sequence of words. ... 9....
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python - No module named 'bitcoin' on Ubuntu using WSL on Windows 10

Which version of python should I use? When running pip3 install python-bitcoinlib I get 'Requirement already satisfied'. I run on Ubuntu using WSL in Windows 10. I have this error: >>> from ...
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