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Non-transfer to my coinbase wallet due to low priority [duplicate]

I'm just beginning my journey into crypto currencies and its ecosystem. Right now, I received the message below from Coinbase ([email protected]) informing me of a non-transfer to my coinbase ...
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How does one interpret’s address view?

What does the total received, total send and balance represent in below the address? It says they received a larger amount than sent leaving a balance
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What is Accelerated fee rate?

Looking at this transaction, says that it has fee rate of 1.01 sat/vB but its Accelerated fee rate is 446 sat/VB. Until now, I have come across the term Effective fee rate which ...
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Is it possible to search for an address (rather than a transaction ID) in the bitcoin mempool?

Is it possible to search pending bitcoin transactions by their "to" address? I looked at several mempool navigator/explorer type services and they all seem to allow searching by transaction ...
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Is there any online service/API to get the complete transaction in raw form?

Is there any online service or API that allows you to get the transaction in raw form, i.e. in "byte" format? I know it can be done through bitcoin core, however, I need some online service/...
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Can you help me get started running a signet Lightning routing node with intended 100 percent uptime?

I'd like to run a signet Lightning routing node with ~100 percent uptime. Until now I've just spun one up and shut it down but if a reliable signet Lightning Network is going to be a thing we need ...
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Mempool docker unable to connect to electrum server

I'm having a problem with "connecting" my to electrumX server. My bitcoin core is working fine, electrumX server is fine as well and up to chaintip. I've installed docker and ...
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mempool web app on pruned node

What would happen when running mempool web app on top a catched up pruned node and track back to old transactions no longer in persistent storage? Would it behave buggy? If so, would be in scope not ...
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Error 400 when pushing tx hex to's API

I am using the code syntax provided by for a POST transaction request from their website here: const mempoolJS = require("@mempool/mempool.js") const ...
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