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Merged mining is a technique where the same proof of work can be used to secure more than one block in different hash chains. This allows a miner to mine more than one currency at a time and contribute his hashing power to all of them.

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What restrictions does merged mining place on the sidechain?

What restrictions are imposed by merged mining on the structure or functionality of a side chain (besides it having to use the same PoW schema)? For example, could the side chain have a higher block ...
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How does blind merge mining (BMM) work?

Proposals like Spacechain and Drivechain rely on blind merge mining (BMM). But how does it work and how it differs from normal merge mining?
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Which merged mining method is preferable? What is the latest specification/practice?

If I'm right, there are at least two methods for miners to include a reference hash to a merge mined block in the coinbase transaction: Commitment hash in an OP_RETURN out put in the coinbase ...
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Do Bitcoin miners verify validity of merge-mined Namecoin blocks?

I've been reading a little about merged mining as used in Bitcoin and Namecoin. It seems like merged mining effectively eliminated Namecoin-only mining pools, right? Since Namecoin-only pools are ...
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Whatever happened to Bitcoin miners mining additional coins in combination with Bitcoin mining like pre-2015?

Back in the early days of Bitcoin mining, many people were dual mining namecoin with bitcoin and some other coins. Why don't we hear anymore of this dual mining functionality in 2021+? What were some ...
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