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Functionality for proving a message was sent by the holder of a particular private key. The standard Bitcoin client provides this features since version 0.6.0

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How does OP_CHECKSIG work for Taproot script path spending?

I've been studying all the ways Taproot transactions can be spent and I can get all of them to work except for when script path spending is used and the script is executed. Transaction 0c045625... is ...
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Why is adding s values in half aggregation insecure?

Jonas Nick an Tim Ruffing discussed in a presentation that summing up the s values in signature half aggregation would be insecure (without giving the reason) They presented a secure solution which ...
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Proving sendership of transactions

Why does Bitcoin Core, on the message verification tab, say that verifying messages signed by Bitcoin addresses "only proves the signing party receives with the address, it cannot prove sendership of ...
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Message signing with airgapped wallet that doesn't support it

I need to implement message signing for various HWs, many of them support it on a firmware level, but some airgapped wallets like SeedSigner or Jade still don't. I was wondering if there's a way to ...
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How to use Digital Signature to Sign Unsigned Transaction?

so I was trying to sign my unsigned transaction: ...
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Error broadcasting SegWit transaction

I have this testnet transaction that I created: Version: 01000000 Marker: 00 Flag: 01 Input Count: 01 Input #1 TXID: 42a752fe4ebd0bdc69cb1b3724de6ccc364661028ab9c043526f3f7cb0571147 Input #1 ...
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Transaction signing and security: Different signing approaches

I am currently studying for an exam and reviewing a past one from the CS 251: Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies course in Stanford with the following question on transaction signing. I have written my ...
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What is a simple way to sign a message to verify that you possess the private key for a specific public address?

I need to explain to somebody step by step how to go through the process of signing a message to verify they own the private keys associated with an address containing funds. This is to ensure ...