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Accepting micropayment donations via Lightning Network - what is the most efficient / recommended architecture?

The difficulty that I am experiencing at the moment - how to accept Lightning Network micropayments donations supporting (shameless plug): Zap / Joule: I send on-chain ...
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Wallets that support payment channels?

I know that maybe it's a bit early to start asking Wallets to implement Lightning Network connections even if the majority don't support SegregatedWitness yet. But how about Payment Channels? In ...
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Are payment channel attributes in the Lightning Network always directed?

While learning about payment channels, I understood channel attributes like base fees, proportional fees and maximum HTLC size would be directed, i.e., the attributes from A to B would not necessarily ...
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Opportunity cost of coins locked in HTLC

If a party agrees to lock coins in HTLC for payment (having hashlock for time T), and it receives a fee f if the HTLC succeeds, then does it mean that the opportunity cost of coins locked in HTLC is f?...
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Bitcoin Lightning Network

I created a channel in lightning network, did the payment and the channel balance of the receiver got updated. But after closing the channel , the wallet balance of the receiver is not getting updated ...
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Time locked puzzle for payment in Lightning Network

Currently HTLC's timeout transaction relies on absolute timelock enforced on the script. It allows a counterparty to withdraw the money from the contract if the other party doesn't release the ...
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