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How do i create/implement a midstate function (One that can accurately calculate the midstate of already mined blocks)

I'm creating an AI controlled bitcoin miner but I'm having trouble manually & locally creating a midstate function to be used for optimizing the mining process. Basically I've created independent ...
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What is the duration of a ban?

I read somewhere that a node is banned for 24 hours. However I found the Misbehaving() function which makes state->fShouldBan = true;. But I could not find any other function that makes state->...
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Did Satoshi intend to allow midstate computation to speed up hashing?

The design of Bitcoin allows computers to compute a hash with 2 iterations of the SHA256 compression function instead of 3 on all but 1 out of every 2^32 attempts. When Satoshi chose SHA256d for ...
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What is a midstate? How does using a midstate speed up hashing?

This defines "midstate" as the "precomputed hash state after hashing the first half of the data." I've heard "midstate" used in the context of speeding up hashing. How does using a midstate speed up ...
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