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Questions tagged [miner-extractable-value]

Miner extractable value (MEV) refers to the additional value miners can acquire by manipulating the order of transactions within the blocks they create. It is a potential weakness in multiparty protocols built on a blockchain such as decentralized exchanges.

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Should this be legal to charge a person a hashrate that is meant for 8 decimal point system then take and apply it to a 14 decimal system in bitcoin

I've been minning with Bitcoin crypto cloud mining company for a couple of months now.So everyday I go in and check on everything just to make sure the miners are still going, I'm mining at a hashrate ...
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Timelocked bribing

Did anyone observe any instance of Timelocked Bribing in Bitcoin transaction? Are there any specific articles that points out that the attack has been mounted in reality?
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Is MEV possible on bitcoin?

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is a big topic in the life of Ethereum users, and it creates an additional revenue source for the miners. Is MEV possible on the Bitcoin blockchain as well? And if yes/no,...
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Front running in Bitcoin

Have you ever witnessed any front-running case in Bitcoin? All front running cases are related to Ethereum smart contracts, auto market makers and uniswap. Thank you
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