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Questions tagged [mining-pool-shares]

Shares refers to a method for accounting mining pool contributions. It does not cover company shares.

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43 votes
2 answers

What is a share? Can I find it while mining solo, or only when pool mining?

In mining, what is "a share"? When mining solo, do I "find shares"?
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3 answers

What is proof-of-work?

Please explain the proof-of-work concept. And how does it relate to Bitcoin mining in general, and to the proofs of work (aka shares) of mining pools?
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the correct algorithm to calculate worker & pool hashrate

I need to display the pool and worker hashrates on my website. The pool uses PSQL.
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6 answers

What are stale shares and what can I do to avoid them?

When I mine at a pool, only a part of my shares are accepted. There is a small percentage which is marked as stale. As far as I know I only get paid for accepted shares, so what are these stale ...
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16 votes
3 answers

How do mining pools work?

I understand the following Pooled mining is a mining approach where multiple generating clients contribute to the generation of a block, and then split the block reward according the ...
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Understanding Shares in Pool Mining

I just started mining today at Dogechain pool. I wanted to see what mining was like, so I'm only using minerd with my CPU. I don't expect a lot until I get a GPU rig going, but something doesn't seem ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Cheating on pooled mining

What is stopping me from hacking the mining software such that if I do happen to get the right hash I keep it for myself, but if not then I just submit my work done and get my share of the mined ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Shares accepted vs hash rates?

I recently started mining LTCs, and because Im using a Nvidia card (GTX 650Ti) I have been trying out different settings in order to maximize efficiency with the hash rates. I have noticed though ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How do I calculate mining profit from shares in Litecoin?

I'm getting around 4 shares a minute (mining at 100Mh/s but I don't mind that much because the number of shares is what actually matters, right?) and since LTC/USD is 2 and it pays 50 LTC for every ...
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If each miner has a different share difficulty in a PPS pool, how should I calculate and reward the relative effort of each?

For discussion purposes, suppose I have an ASIC miner, several GPUs and a CPU botnet all mining with different difficulties. When a share is returned to the pool, at what difficulty threshold should ...
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