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Questions concerned with the technical details of mining such as blockheader assembly, or details in the mining algorithm. Questions about the conceptual nature of mining should rather be tagged with [mining-theory].

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Which function is called to mine a block, broadcast the newly mined block & receive a newly mined block?

I am trying to understand the control flow and handling of transactions in the memory pool.
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Is there an up-to-date professional analysis of different "mining shield" technologies?

E.g. Digishield, Gravity Well etc. As a non-miner, I only hear bits and pieces about these algorithms. Is there a comprehensive resource with details on the history of these algorithsm and relative ...
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Litecoin getwork specification, endianness

Please help me with getwork protocol for litecoin miner.There is mixed info online about endiannes of data provided by getwork and data that should be submitted to mining pools. According to https://...
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H-not-zero errors

In developing a miner, I noted a few "unknown work" errors -- presumably because I was CPU mining and not responding to the pool in a timely enough manner. However, more disturbingly, I received a H-...
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Should mining.notify.merkle_branches contain the coinbase transaction or not?

Okay I'm working on a new pool-server though got a question. I'm using litecoin testnet right now to test stuff and here's a getblocktemplate() response I get; { "result": { "version": 2, "...
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Changing the first payout address when a reward + fees is generated

I would like all my mined coins (solo mining, testnet so far) to go to a different default account. I'm not referring to the distribution a mining pool will do to all of its miners (Pay per share, ...
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