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Questions tagged [miniscript]

Miniscript is a structured representation of Bitcoin script which allows wallets to be more dynamic about the scripts they use.

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Miniscript exercise for 3of4 multisig that turns into a 2of4 where 2 specific keys only can spend

I was trying to write this script (miniscript) or(multi(3,pk(key_1),pk(key_2),pk(key_3),pk(key_4)),and(older(12960),multi(2,pk(key_3),pk(key_4)))) where it's a 3of4 multisig which turns into a 2of4 (...
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Bitcoin Script - Beautify

My question is if something exists to do the job in the opposite direction of miniscript. Miniscript's intention is to help:     ...writing (a subset of) Bitcoin Scripts in a structured way, enabling ...
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Can one wallet support many descriptors?

Say I wanted to handle many different complex spending scripts in my wallet using descriptors, is that be possible?
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Export a taproot multisig wallet

I have created a wallet, added a descriptors to make it multisig with tr(KI, multi_a(2,pub1,pub2,pub3) command. Now, I want to import this to some UI but since the wallet doesn't have a private key I ...
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