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Questions tagged [money-laundering]

Money laundering is a process of disguising the source of money. It is most commonly used to allow money from an illegal sources such as drug trafficking to be used as legitimate income.

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Can stolen or otherwise tainted coins be laundered through mining fees?

Do chain analysis techniques consider the fee portion of block rewards as tainted funds? e.g. if known stolen funds are moved in a certain block, the fees the sender pays end up "polluting" ...
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How do exchanges like ShapeShift, Changelly or Evercoin cope with KYC/AML regulation?

They don't require any information about their users. Most of the exchanges require user identification: so even though exchanges like ShapeShift might have corporate account on the large exchanges ...
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Is the BTC-e shutdown legal?

The FinCen, dependent of the Deparment of Treasury shut down the BTC-e exchange and prosecuted for: Violation of anti-money laundering (AML) laws; Acts of money laundering such as the MtGox scandal ...
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