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A command to move some credit from one account to another

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How can I pass Multiple addresses in Move command

I have to pass multiple addresses in move command but I am not able to pass as it is not accepting more than one wallet address Is there is any another way to move the balance to multiple addresses.
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Is it possible to Send the total balance of Bitcoin from the Wallet using rpc without having to specify the exact amount?

I know we can send coins using the move, sendtoaddress and sendfrom commands from the console or commandline. However these commands require to specify an "exact" amount, meaning you need to check ...
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Can I lower fees with stratagy

Say I have two accounts in my wallet. Account A has one address, account B though has 5 address. Each address in account B has a dust amount of coin in it. If I were to use the rpc 'move' command, ...
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What happens when moving BTC from one wallet to another on with 0 fee?

i just tried to move some btc between wallets on with 0 fees and I'm getting this: --- it shows 0 btc but says its moved. what happen here? its been over 24 ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Are "move" operations logged?

Are "move" operations logged somewhere in the wallet or somewhere else? If so, can the "move history" be retrieved, and how? edit: apparently the command listtransactions lists some move operations, ...
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How does the 'move' command work?

I have so far enjoyed the experience of learning about Bitcoins, mining, etc. I've setup a bitcoin daemon in hopes of developing a few apps and services in the near future. However, there is one thing ...
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