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MySQL is an open-source, relational database management system.

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What is the currently most efficient and reliable method to store the Bitcoin blockchain in a local database?

I have seen several posts on this before, and have tried all the suggested solutions, but I can't get any of them to work. I am interested in analysing transactions with the OP_RETURN opcode for a ...
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Blockchain MySql Implementation - Updating Database

I know there are similar posts here about utilizing MySQL as the basis for an application which contains the contents of the blockchain, but i have not seen any on-point answers to the issue of ...
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modifying bitcoind to include mysql support

I am modifying bitcoind (working with 0.13.1) to include write the log to mysql db versus the log file. I have all the functions worked out and compiling outside of bitcoind The trouble I ran ...
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How can I add the MySQL C++ connector to Bitcoin Makefile?

I'm trying to add a custom function to my bitcoin client that queries a mysql db. I followed this guide for the basic:
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What's the best way to store unspent transaction?

AFAIK, To send a raw transaction, which include both input and output. And What if we run it on the local node, we can simply fetch the unspent list by run bitcoin-cli listunspent, but If I just want ...
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Automated transactions to addresses from database

I want to create a website where people can submit their altcoin address and they receive some for free. The addresses are saved in a MySQL database and the transactions are send from just one ...
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add mysql dependency bitcoin

i am working on bitcoin code, my aim is to move blockchain data to relational db but i am not able to resolve mysql dependency for different platform, platform includes mac and ubuntu. I have tried ...
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MySQL view to identify a transaction with retrived API datas

How would I identify a transaction taking in consideration the following I have a user table holding user datas ++ id | username | btc_recive_address++ ---------------------------------------- ++ ...
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