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Help with NiceHash 2 [closed]

I'm using NiceHash Miner v.2 for mining on my desktop PC. But since the last update I can't mine because the program says I need to update the drivers of my GTX 1070, but my GPU is uploaded to ...
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Alternative to Nicehash Miner for Linux

I have a high performance Desktop computer with a powerful NVIDIA GPU available. I wonder if there is some software similar to NiceHash Miner which I can install in Linux to make some little cash ...
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How do i cash the money from my NiceHash account to Paypal or European Bank account?

In my nicehash i have balance of 100 Euro. How do i cash the 100 Euro now to Paypal or my European bank account or do receive via Westurn Union?
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Why do I keep getting a connection lost error in Nicehash Bitcoin mining

The algorithm I'm using is daggerhashimoto. At first I thought this was because of my country blocking Bitcoin mining or something, but it doesn't work even if I'm using a VPN ( ...
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Can the Antminer S3 mine Bitcoin using Scrypt algorithm?

Because I can use my PC to mine Bitcoin using the Scrypt algorithm. I use NiceHash. They have an option to select which algorithm we want to use. So I was wondering, once I get my Antminer S3, is it ...
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