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Refers to the services offered by nodes in the Bitcoin network, e.g. NODE_NETWORK, NODE_WITNESS, etc. and the corresponding service bits used to announce the services.

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How to check NODE type in Bitcoin?

There is a Bitcoin node in my Lab, how can I check it is a Full node or not? there is any command to check node type?
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Is it okay to send witness transactions in response to `MSG_TX` get data messages?

I have a neutrino client that currently signals NODE_NONE. When it announces transactions it sends inventory messages and gets getdata MSG_TX requests back. Currently it replies with the witness ...
5 votes
2 answers

Does running a pruned node support the syncing of other nodes in the network?

I decided to prune my Bitcoin core node to 25 GB. With the blocks that the node has in its data directory (the ones that were not deleted), does such a node support the syncing of other nodes in the ...
2 votes
1 answer

What is the meaning of "service bits" in Bitcoin?

// Note that of those which support the service bits prefix, most only support a subset of // possible options. // This is fine at runtime as we'll fall back to using them as a oneshot if they don't ...
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How could the Bitcoin protocol be modified so that pruned nodes could still participate in BIP 37 SPV?

According to Jameson Lopp (, allowing pruned nodes to advertise that they support BIP 37 would be impossible without "...
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What does "NODE_WITNESS (12)" mean as it is shown in

I'm running a pruned full node of bitcoin core version 0.14.0 and checking on I can see that my node was labelled "NODE_WITNESS (12)" unlike of the others nodes shown, ...
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Why are 0.13.1 Core nodes connecting only to Witness (e.g. 0.13.1) nodes?

I have my Core 0.13.1 node configured to connect to 16 nodes, and invariably I see it connected only to other 0.13.1 nodes, even though, according to bitnodes leaderboard, these nodes form a minority. ...
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3 answers

What do pruning nodes contribute to the network?

Pruning nodes are described in the sourcecode thusly: -prune=<n>: Reduce storage requirements by pruning (deleting) old blocks. This mode is incompatible with -txindex and -rescan. I’ve ...
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