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How to get the derivation path of a multi-wallet seed phrase?

I only have the seed phrase. When I enter the seed phrase into, for example, Exodus or Trust Wallet, I can fully recover my Bitcoin in seconds. But how to do this using Python or Node.js?
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How to send a Bitcoin transaction only using the seed phrase using NodeJS?

I am working on a NodeJS script that allows you to enter your 12-words-long Bitcoin secret recovery phrase and automatically withdraw all of your coins to a defined wallet address. The script is for ...
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How to encrypt messages with Pub/Priv keys

I'm wondering if it's possible to use the Bitcoin public and private keys (usually used for signing) for text encryption. This is an example in nodeJs: import pkg from 'bitcore-lib' const { ...
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What is the best way to check multiple crypto coins payments are paid - NODE JS

I am trying to write a gateway system where users can check the data upon the callback that is sent to their specific url. I am wondering how I could go about checking that the payment has been ...
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Is it possible to make a transaction from multilple addresses to one address?

I am building a platform (in node js) that users are going to pay for items using bitcoin. Some of the items has low prices (perhaps, even lower than the BTC fee). The problem is: if I make an ...
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How to calculate R, S, and Z from raw bitcoin transaction with witness?

How can I calculate the R, S, and Z values from a raw bitcoin transaction? I can extract them with, but that doesn't work for new transactions.
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P2TR bech32m mismatch

When attempting to create a p2tr address using the private key 0x0000...01 I get, bc1pmfr3p9j00pfxjh0zmgp99y8zftmd3s5pmedqhyptwy6lm87hf5sspknck9 which does not match the provided test vectors provided ...
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How can I use nodejs to ping my local bitcoin node for information?

I've set up zeromq so I can listen for blocks & transactions. However I'm not certain how I can ping the bitcoin node for older information. Is there someway I can ping the bitcoin node for say a ...
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how to connect to bitcoin node in javascript without running a local node

I am trying to get some bitcoin network data and I am using bitcoind-rpc library. If i just run their example: var run = function() { var bitcore = require('bitcore'); var RpcClient = require('...
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Test environment for bitcoin transactions/wallets

I want to build a pet project which would use bitcoin for sending/receiving and see balance of wallets involved changed. What are my options for having a local env that would allow me to perform these ...
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Tracking incoming transactions using nodejs and own node

I need to verify that user from my database has sent btc to my wallet. Ideally I want to generate a unique address for each user transaction and then track all those addresses but I suppose it will ...
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broadcasting bitcoin transaction issue using bitcore-explorers

I have been trying to do a transaction using bitcore-lib. I have successfully created transaction object. let bitcore_transaction = new bitcore.Transaction() .from(utxos[0]) .to(to, +...
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How can I extract my bitcoin public address from my bitcoin private key using PHP for Nodejs?

I'm building out an application, but I need to verify if the bitcoin private keys have a positive balance. Is there a PHP script or some type of service that I can pass in a private key and outputs ...
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How can I automatically create and broadcast transactions using NodeJS?

I have a: Wallet public/private key pair with X BTC Wallet address I want to sent Y BTC to I'm developing an app in NodeJS and trying to initiate payments automatically. I'm very confused how I'm ...
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