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Offline wallet.dat storage for large amounts

I would like to store my bitcoin wallet offline and need a few pointers. Since this will be my long-term savings storage (decent amount, rarely accessed), I will use one PC (online) with only ubuntu ...
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Making a read-only Linux SD card, where are the security loopholes? (offline key generation and signing)

I have already identified a way to make an SD card truly read-only on HackaDay. So let's consider this situation: A third party have used dd to transfer the Linux image to an SD card The ...
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How safe it is to store keys in Electrum? I think Luke Dash JR didn't recommend it

I agree with Luke Dash Jr and in general this wiki with the fact that doing anything without a full node is a mistake: But my ...
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How to most efficiently keep in sync blockchain on offline computer (including through bitcoin-qt upgrades)?

I have bitcoin-qt running on online computer. I want to: copy blockchain to offline computer (preferably using WORM media for security reasons) from time to time update offline copy with newest ...
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Bitcoin Core Offline Reinstallation

It is possible to reinstall Bitcoin Core Offline? I copied all the files to my external HDD. I use Ubuntu. Thanks
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Offline Armory does not let me sign transaction, how do I upgrade?

I have an offline laptop that will not let me sign the transaction. I am running Armory 0.92.3 and Bitcoin Core I know that I need to upgrade to a new computer. Any thoughts how and the ...
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