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Is it correct to use OP_PUSHDATA1 to encode data less than 76 bytes?

According to, for data between 1-75 bytes, the length byte is directly appended to the data, without any OP_PUSHDATA op-codes. However, I noticed that in ...
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Tx with OP_RETURN with 77 bytes of data refused by node

A transaction with a 77 bytes OP_RETURN is refused, but with shorter data (e.g. 74 bytes) is accepted, although up to 80 bytes should work. What is the safe limit to be used? Per these references the ...
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What OP_CODEs would push 254 bytes of data?

From BIP62 I would expect to use OP_PUSHDATA1 followed by uint8_t: Pushing 76 to 255 bytes must use OP_PUSHDATA1. But then from this answer, the link to variable-length integer makes it seem that a ...
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