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Questions tagged [orphaned-blocks]

A block whose parent is not available to the client. Often falsely used for [stale-block].

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How is the problem of orphan blocks solved in this case?

All nodes are online all the time, they were not offline. What will happen if some of my peers (blue peers) have their chains as follows: ... -> A -> B -> D (main chain) \-> C ...
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Do Orphan Blocks Still Exist In Bitcoin?

Orphan blocks were one of the problems with Bitcoin at its beginning. Do orphan blocks still exist in Bitcoin, and if not, why?
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What are the consequences of high orphan block rate?

I know the disadvantages of a high stale block rate include: More opportunities for double spend attacks Lower network difficulty making the network cheaper to attack But I don't know how even an ...
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What happens if a miner receives a block but not its previous?

Suppose the following: A miner has stored the current blockchain A-B-C. It stops listening for blocks during some time. During that time, blocks D and E are mined and broadcasted. The miner ...
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What happens if you receive a block with an unknown previous hash in the header

I searched this question and couldn't find an answer to the following scenario. Block 4440 gets mined at 10:00 AM Block 4441 gets mined at 10:01 AM Lets assume I receive Block 4441 first and 4440 ...
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What will happen if I change the checkpoint data from bitcoin source code and try to synchronize the blockchain?

Suppose I have a fully synchronized Bitcoin node running on my local machine and I change its checkpoints data apart from its genesis block and recompile the code. Now what will happen when I try to ...
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Orphaned (non referenced) blocks list

Orphan block is a block that doesn't have a known parent in the longest block chain. As I understand, this mean that orphaned block does not have a reference on it as "previous block hash" in any ...
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Why are orphans called orphans? [duplicate]

An orphan does not have parents. On the other hand an orphaned block has a parent but no children. So shouldn't it be called barren rather than orphan?
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How should a node deal with a block that is not connected to the chain?

Suppose I am a node in the Bitcoin protocol and I receive a block that does not point to any block in my current chain. Should I keep it on the side, waiting for missing intermediate ones? Should I ...
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Get as many blocks as possible (stale, invalid, orphans)

I would like to download (and access) as much blocks as possible - including stale (extinct) blocks, orphans blocks and invalid blocks. I have 0.11 official client. My node is already synchronized but ...
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Selfish Mining: stale or orphan?

In terms of a selfish attack many sources speak of orphaned blocks, i.e. blocks that are not on the main chain and thus not paying any coinbase transaction to its miner. Still I'm not sure and ...
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Is there a correct way to refer to "orphan" blocks?

I was reading a passage on the bitcoin wiki that pointed out that it doesn't make sense to call invalid chains "orphans," since, by definition, every block in the blockchain except the ...
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What is block forwarding logic of the Satoshi Client?

Could anyone explain in simple words what does the reference client do when it receives a orphan, stale or best-chain block regarding sending "inv", "block" and "getdata" commands? An interaction ...
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What are orphaned and stale blocks?

If I understand it right, a stale block is a block for which an earlier confirmation has been found and was accepted by majority of people. This block is considered invalid and is later never used. ...
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