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Is there really a thing called "Bitcoin address"? Since all I need to spend a UTXO is to provide a scriptSig

When I want to spend a UTXO, I need to and only need to provide the scriptSig (or input script, or unlock script). In another word, the scriptPubKey (or output script, or lock script) of a UTXO simply ...
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What are the Trade-offs for Input Script Deduplication?

One possible optimization to compress bitcoin transaction size is avoiding repetition of redundant data between inputs. As a consensus change, a new transaction type could allow signing a list of txid:...
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What if someone locks some bitcoin with a script which only requires a user to know a preimage, but it matches the p2sh template? [duplicate]

The basic script for a lightning network HTLC output has a conditional branch which requires a user to know a preimage of a hash. It also requires the user to give a valid signature, but it got me ...
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Can OP_DROP be used to include arbitrary data?

I have recently been looking into OP_RETURN and its uses in so far as including data in a transaction. Given the fact that OP_RETURN is limited to 80 bytes I thought what if OP_DROP was used? That way ...
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How to set the output script of coinbase transaction

I found that the "getaddressinfo" command in RPC can get pubkey and scriptpubkey. My address pubkey scriptpubkey are: address='bcrt1q95h0le6kknpnjp4c29cau03gvdyxd35zug30yr' pubKey='...
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What is the way to create public key in P2TR?

I've started learning Taproot and I'm having trouble understanding some of the general story behind how it works in the context of a public key in scriptPubKey. The segWit v1 (Taproot) scriptPubKey ...
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Does bitcoin transaction have source address?

I know that bitcoin transaction is based on UTXO, including input script and output script. But recently I browse bitcoin explorer and I found it listed source addresses of a transaction. I wonder ...
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What is the content of ScriptPubKey for P2WPKH?

What is the content of ScriptPubKey for P2WPKH? Master bitcoin book 2end edition says the following (link): Example P2WPKH output script 0 ab68025513c3dbd2f7b92a94e0581f5d50f654e7 In programming ...
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Why is concatenating scriptPubKeys and scriptSigs unsafe?

Around the 5:00 timestamp in this talk, John Newbery states that running the concatenation of scriptPubKey and scriptSig is unsafe, since it can result in someone using a carefully crafted scriptSig ...
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How can clients know the destination address for this P2WPKH transaction?

This is the raw hex of a random transaction I picked up on the blockchain: ...
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