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Address final balance is 0 after receiving 0.003 BTC

I generated a new BTC address (address A). I tried to send 0.003 BTC to address A. After sending them from my coinnomi wallet, the balance of address A remains 0 and from output seems that 0.003 BTC ...
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Hash outputs in Taproot transactions

I'm using the test vector from Bip341 to generate the Hash outputs in the test transaction. My procedure is as follows: Serialise amount as 8-byte little endian Serialise scriptpubkey including ...
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How does a Drivechain output work?

It is said that Drivechain works by sending a transaction output to a miner/hashrate-controlled escrow. I know it works by allowing miners to vote over a large number of blocks on transactions, that ...
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How many TXO have been created in total?

I've seen some statistical data about the Bitcoin UTXO number (around 61M currently). I was wondering how many TXOs (including spent and unspent) there were in the complete history of Bitcoin?
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NBitcoin: Get address out of raw block stream

OK, I am sure that this is a really dumb, rookie question, so sorry in advance... I am trying to read through the blockchain and display the receiving address(es) for all transactions in the chain. (...
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Are there minimums for output values and transaction fees in Bitcoin?

The article "The Bitcoin Lightning Network Summary" by mentions: "Lightning enables one to send funds down to 0.00000001 bitcoin without custodial risk. The bitcoin blockchain ...
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How do these inputs/outputs make sense for this transaction?

Using coinbase, I transferred $1 in BCH to my friends BCH address. Now I am studying the transaction on a blockchain explorer as a learning exercise. See here:
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