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How would you end up with more than two transaction outputs?

I saw a Bitcoin transaction that has 6 inputs and 4 outputs. I understand that several inputs are sometimes used in order to meet the amount requirements of the output. As a result you have two ...
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Why scriptPubKey is a series of commands?

I am not fully understanding the design purpose of the scriptPubKey in the transaction output. I think the tx's (say tx1 here) output could just be the receiver's public key's hash. Then when the ...
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Why is pycoin getting the incorrect output address?

I am using pycoin version 0.52 from pypi and it is getting the wrong output address from a transaction. Code # testnet txid and corresponding rawtx # see
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Why do some outputs have a zero value and no address?

What does it mean when an output has a value of zero and no address? I'm looking at some fairly recent transactions, and I don't understand what this means. Here's an example: https://blockchain....
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What is the maximum number of inputs/outputs a transaction can have?

Is there a maximum recommended number of inputs/outputs for each transaction? I was scripting a faucet and wasn't sure whether to payout in one transaction to all addresses or split them into groups ...
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Do all transactions have at least one output that contains at least one bitcoin address

Do all transactions that are included in a valid block have to have at least one bitcoin address as part of their outputs (vout)? I found this to be similar: Are Bitcoin transactions permitted to ...
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Bitcoin transaction with dust output stuck

I made this transaction more than 24 hours ago, and it still has no confirmations at all. What should I do? This transaction was created by the mobile wallet. At the time, it didn't ...
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Can an output be spent in the block in which it is contained?

Is a Bitcoin block containing both a transaction that funds an output, and another transaction that immediately spends the same output, allowed by the protocol? Does such behavior occur "in the wild",...
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Are transactions containing zero-value output accepted by miners?

Would miners generally accept a transaction that has one of its output values set to zero? Can the acceptance in this case depend also on the scriptPubKey associated with the zeroed output?
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Why are transactions with no outputs not relayed by default?

I was reading this thread about making a transaction without an output: Are Bitcoin transactions permitted to have no outputs (i.e. all inputs become transaction fee)? The answer is that outputs ...
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