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Pay to Taproot is the native SegWit v1 output format. It commits directly to a public key which can optionally be tweaked with the hash of a script tree. This combines capabilities of previous output formats which were usually based on either a public key hash or a script hash. P2TR addresses are Bech32m encoded and start with the prefix `bc1p`.

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Which wallets are spending P2TR with SIGHASH_ALL?

I noticed there are quite a lot of transactions spending taproot key path inputs that use SIGHASH_ALL instead of SIGHASH_DEFAULT in signatures (around 20% in the last two weeks). Recall that ...
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P2TR bech32m mismatch

When attempting to create a p2tr address using the private key 0x0000...01 I get, bc1pmfr3p9j00pfxjh0zmgp99y8zftmd3s5pmedqhyptwy6lm87hf5sspknck9 which does not match the provided test vectors provided ...
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How are taproot scripts represented in general?

I'm pretty familiar with the opcode style of writing down scripts. I can understand the stack-based language nature of bitcoin script where you can write down different script spend paths via ifs like ...
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Is there a limit on the number and size of script inputs when spending a script path in a P2TR transaction?

From BIP 341, Spending using one of the scripts: A Taproot output can be spent by satisfying any of the scripts used in its construction. To do so, a witness stack consisting of the script's inputs, ...
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Issue with constructing a correct Schnorr Signature for a Taproot transaction

I'm experimenting with creating and sending Taproot transactions programmatically and encountered an issue with the Schnorr signature. I'm trying to send simple transaction with one V1_P2TR input and ...
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I get a not a P2TR scriptPubKey error when trying to generate a bech32m taproot compliant P2TR address with python

I have the following script that is supposed to derive a taproot P2TR address: from bitcointx import set_custom_secp256k1_path set_custom_secp256k1_path('./bitcointx_secp256k1_here/libsecp256k1.2....
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which wallets/softwares utilize taproot capabilites?

this question is not about being able to pay/receive to taproot addresses as I know there's a list for that here. I'm curious to see if anyone knows about wallets/software that utilize taproot ...
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P2TR Scriptpath failing (Timelocked contract)

Goal is to archive the following logic: $alice = A; $bob = B; pk($bob) || (pk($alice) && older(10)) I went through The Taproot Workshop and came up with the following code: from io import ...
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Computing HASH160 of a Taproot X-only 32 byte Public Key

I know that Taproot does not use pubkey hashes, but I want to compute a HASH160 of a 32 byte Taproot X-only public key anyway. The rationale is to compare it to an existing 20 byte HASH160 from a ...
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