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Pay to Witness Public Key Hash is the native SegWit v0 single-sig output format. P2WPKH addresses are Bech32 encoded and start with the prefix `bc1q`.

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To sign raw transaction with Segwit Address in the TestNet

I am using Bitcoin core 0.14.1 testnet. I created a Segwit address. transfer some coins to this address. Now I want to spend it. I created a raw transaction using console command i.e. ...
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createPaymentTransactionNew with Bech32 address

How to properly call createPaymentTransactionNew using @ledgerhq/hw-app-bt to spend utxos from a bech32 transaction? This is the code I'm using to call it, having previously defined inputs and purpose,...
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Is there authoritative documentation on how to generate a P2WPKH address?

I Googled and found some BIPs but looking through, I could not find documentation on the process to generate a P2WPKH address. Looking through other random articles, I see the process ...
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Java bip32 library

I'm looking for java library that will cover bip32 address derivation (xpub to P2PKH, P2SH, P2WSH, P2WPKH, P2SH-P2WPKH). There seem to be a lot of libraries covering P2PKH, but not much else (like ...
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HD P2SH Wallets Compatibility with P2WPKH

Are BIP32 Hierarchal Deterministic compatible with P2SH addresses? Not as multisig but instead for the new P2WPKH?
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bad data structure cause "Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation"

i could not fix the problem using available answer for this error on BSE. this is my previous transaction. i test alot of different data structure which was said to be the correct one but i got ...
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Missing Witness field in p2wpkh decoded tx hex

I have placed together a raw tx hex but when it's unable to be broadcasted as I keep getting an error below sendrawtransaction RPC error: {"code":-25,"message":"bad-txns-...
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Unable to broadcast native P2WPKH (SegWit) TX; malformed, but how?

I'm trying to add SegWit functionality to my app but am running into trouble building my transaction. I've read BIP143 so many times I virtually have it memorized, and I've followed it to the letter. ...
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How does one verify signature in a P2WPKH transaction?

(Assume there's no OP_CODESEPERATOR) For standard P2PKH, the signature digest is generated this way: NewTransaction settle the TxOuts well set all TxIn scripts to empty insert the Previous Locking ...
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