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Pay to Witness Script Hash is the native SegWit v0 script output format. P2WSH addresses are Bech32 encoded and start with the prefix `bc1q`.

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How to calculate P2WSH signatures with OP_CODESEPARATOR?

I read the bip143, but didn't understand how to calculate the scriptCode of p2wsh. bip143 told us: A new transaction digest algorithm is defined, but only applicable to sigops in version 0 witness ...
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Create and spend P2WSH that locks coins with OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY

I'm attempting to create a P2SWH address with a script that locks the coins for some time. And then I want to spend those coins from that address. I've read a lot, some of the most relevant: BIP173 ...
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spend founds from p2wsh address,non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation) (code 64)

i want spent coin from p2wsh address on btc testnet3 network, i use bitcoinj 0.15.2 build transaction and sign it, use 2/3 multiSig when i send raw transaction by bitcoin core 0.17.0 command line by ...
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broadcast ps2wsh transaction failed

Greeting, I hope someone can guide me about what is wrong with my p2wsh transaction hex below ...
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P2WSH Bitcoin Core Witness Script Empty Error

I am trying to spend a P2WSH output. Here are the steps I have taken: I have created a P2WSH output via bitcoin-cli. These are the details of the P2WSH output: Type V0_P2WSH scriptPubKey (asm) OP_0 ...
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Java bip32 library

I'm looking for java library that will cover bip32 address derivation (xpub to P2PKH, P2SH, P2WSH, P2WPKH, P2SH-P2WPKH). There seem to be a lot of libraries covering P2PKH, but not much else (like ...
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Can't sign using Trezor T derived multisig wallet using Electrum | Invalid script_type

I created a P2WSH multisig wallet using Electrum 4.0.9 using a single Trezor T, to which I sent a large amount of BTC. Electrum allowed me to set up the wallet using the same device when I used two ...
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How can I check my transaction signature is correct?

I have tried recreating the exact transaction from "Appendix B: Funding Transaction Test Vectors" from BOLT 3 from the Lightning RFCs. My transaction looks exactly the same when parsed, except my ...
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(P2WSH-nestedin-P2SH) Problem in solving question 1+5=6

this is my first question at this platform. this matter has scratched my head badly, please pay patient to read my question. i am trying to move traditional p2sh tx into p2wsh-nestedin-p2sh tx and ...
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How to spend P2WSH address with full redem script and witness program?

I just put few dollar in here. Bech32 Address: bc1qx6c07u2s6pu6d5ede8ee9hmynahp9edgg764cm58gfxmryk3ryqsxarnnv Witness Script Hex 76a914b1217062623d9101426f61593cb1abc3e44ed00488ac Witness Script Asm ...
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Bad witness error in P2SH-P2WSH

I've managed to build a P2SH 2-of-3 multisig contract that works, ie I can create addresses, send coins to them, and spend the outputs. Now I'd like to transition that solution to a P2SH-P2WSH, but I'...
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