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Good API for making shareware that accepts bitcoin?

Are there any good APIs for accepting Bitcoin within Qt or similar such applications, for making paid shareware applications?
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Receiving payments in Bitcoin for RESTful API calls

I'm familiar with different options to receive payments in Bitcoin (, BitPay, Coinbase, Stripe). But how would one devise a solution to have users pay whenever they call some RESTful ...
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Where can I learn the basics of making a wallet site?

So like lets say I want to make a website that accepts btc deposits and withdrawals like this where would i learn how to do that where do i go to learn the basics? I know ...
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Not seeing deposit transaction in Electrum from BTCPayServer after invoice has been paid

I have imported my xpub into btcpayserver store and created some invoices and paid them. The btcpayserver wallet shows the balance from the invoices as having been paid. However when I look at ...
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1k views testnet payment APIs

I have created a testnet wallet on and added some testnet bitcoins to it. I want to test the payment APIs so I am following the documentation on how to Generate a receive ...
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Why coinbase doesn't address callback?

I am using PHP cURL to generate new address from coinbase. As per this documentation we get notification on the callback url when any transaction is made on the generated address. But I am not getting ...
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How to automate bitcoin wallet to send return payments to website subscribers?

When a .onion website sells subscription log-in accounts, they ask for subscription payment and say that a return payment will be received immediately after, containing the payment code for creating a ...
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