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Questions tagged [payment]

Regarding money transfers for different goods and services paid in Bitcoins.

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In Electrum, how does one watch/poll a wallet for an incoming payments to a certain address via API?

I want to create a simple way to accepting bitcoins on my own, using Electrum. I don't except big volume. I suppose, I'd have at most a handful of incoming payments in the beginning. That is, I ...
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How does a merchant ensure sufficient value in light of the price volatility?

When a merchant accepts bitcoin payment (for example 10 btc for the purchase), the buyer send the payment of 10 btc and it is settled. However, the 10 btc value will fluctuate every minute (up to 20% ...
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Can we know the address list which blockchain API has created?

I am currently using blockchain payment API. This API has created the addresses for receiving payment. Can we know the list of unused addresses this ...
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Using HODL invoices as escrow services, nostr integration?

With the growth of the nostr network, it's easy to imagine a whole new family of apps being created that could work in a decentralized manner (Marketplaces, AirBnB, Uber). But for these apps which ...
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Implementing a trustless English auction on Bitcoin

Is it possible to implement an English-auction type mechanic on Bitcoin (trustlessly)? I have tried smart contract implementations in other blockchains. For instance, one straight forward ...
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Looking for Bitcoin/Crypto payment processor that will split payments (pay multiple people from sale)

I'm looking for a crypto payment gateway that will allow me to accept payment for a product. It should support splitting the payment between multiple crypto wallets (multiple people).
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Settling the invoice/payment in lightning while the other party is unresponsive

Given that Alice wants to pay Bob in the lightning network, Bob first creates an invoice (using the python api) for A as follows: request = invoicesrpc.AddHoldInvoiceRequest(hash=r_hash, value=30000) ...
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What is the behavior of the try catch statement in lines 1707-1729 in the ui.cpp in the release 0.1?

In the first public release, ui.cpp has this code on the lines in the subject: void CSendingDialog::OnReply3(CDataStream& vRecv) { int nRet; try { vRecv >> nRet; ...
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Payment icon for private wallet

I have a wallet created and stored on my computer that I use to accept donations. I want to make things easier for visitors by providing a payment button, but it seems all the online services that ...
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Payment Transaction Validation

I want to build a app which takes transaction id, source and destination address as input and need to validate the transaction (the specified amount is sent from address1 to address2. What is the ...
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519 views Receive Payment callback problem

I am setting up a website to accept bitcoins using API, it's all set, code is ok, tested and working, I receive payments and everything but just won't call the callback ...
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Good API for making shareware that accepts bitcoin?

Are there any good APIs for accepting Bitcoin within Qt or similar such applications, for making paid shareware applications?
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Autopayout Setup on a wallet

I am creating an application which will be paying out some amount of BTC every hour to few addresses. Is there a service that allows me to program the transactions or a wallet, which offers a feature ...
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Receiving payments in Bitcoin for RESTful API calls

I'm familiar with different options to receive payments in Bitcoin (, BitPay, Coinbase, Stripe). But how would one devise a solution to have users pay whenever they call some RESTful ...
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Bitcoin payments without storing blockchain

I want create a program that receives payments via bitcoin and sends them to other addresses. I'm going to generate unique address for each payment, then check if there are transactions with outputs ...
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Time locked puzzle for payment in Lightning Network

Currently HTLC's timeout transaction relies on absolute timelock enforced on the script. It allows a counterparty to withdraw the money from the contract if the other party doesn't release the ...
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Should I use Electrum Wallet OR Bitcoin Core as my website's payment gateway?

I'm a developer who is building a website that need to process Bitcoin payment requests. So I need a payment gateway. In my last project, I used Electrum wallet as payment gateway but my last ...
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56 views API and needed amount

I have installed platform on our server and ran some codes successfully based on its Wallet APIs. Regarding to what is said here, as we are testing this platform, we charged the created ...
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Why doesn't "Bitcoin Wallet" app for Android transmit payment?

Why doesn't Bitcoin Wallet app transmit payment? Bitcoin Wallet app no delivery transaction. From the 18th of March to the date Bitcoin Wallet app retains my satoshis with the message "this ...
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Please explain how to configure a satellite for btc payments with blockstream via space

Blockstream has its own satellites in the space orbit, right. So , as I understand, there must be very special requirements met for your satellite to be able to do transactions through space. Not ...
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Bitcoin system with payins and payouts using bip32

I want to build an automated system, that can accept payments from users in bitcoin and can make payouts to addresses, specified by users, as well. BIP32 says, that the best way to accept payments is ...
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Can I anonymously self-publish books on Amazon and get paid in Bitcoin?

I want to publish the book under a pseudonym, or better yet, anonymously! I had been looking into Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I’d also like to use an anonymous e-mail address. Would it be ...
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How to deal with this situation in Lightning Network?

What happens if Alice sends excess amount by mistake in Lightning Channel, and Bob denies to send back excess and broadcast the last transaction to Blockchain?
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how often to update deposit address of the API

how often should I update the users deposit address if I'm using the blockchain receive payments API V2?
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How to automate bitcoin wallet to send return payments to website subscribers?

When a .onion website sells subscription log-in accounts, they ask for subscription payment and say that a return payment will be received immediately after, containing the payment code for creating a ...
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Payments without private key/address in wallet [OWN COIN]

currently I am creating/sharing an own crypto currency. Details about it are that it is a Scrypt Coin with Proof-Of-Work. But that's not really the question. I will build a website around the coin ...
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