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Regarding money transfers for different goods and services paid in Bitcoins.

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Where can I find a list of merchants who accept bitcoins?

Is there a list of merchants who accept bitcoins?
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Why shouldn't I accept PayPal when trading bitcoin?

I've heard that it's not a good idea to accept PayPal payments in exchange for Bitcoin. Why?
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Where can I register a domain and pay with bitcoins? [closed]

Where can I register a domain name and pay with bitcoins? (The question is about usual domain names, not .bit maintained by the namecoin network.)
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How can I find out the address my payment will come from?

Can I find out the address I am going send from before making a payment? And could this be useful for merchants that want to identify my transaction?
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How to make sure that bidders in an auction have sufficient Bitcoin without storing money for them?

I am new to bitcoin programming, and want to build some apps to get more familiar with it. What I am curious is, how could I implement a basic auction site. I want to make it as automated as ...
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How does one checks which customer made a payment?

One question I'm not able to properly answer when asked is How exactly can the blockchain verify the identity of the user without a centralized trusted party such as VeriSign? I know this is done ...
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accept bitcoin payments for orders without 3rd party software

I've been searching for an open-source alternative to's Receive Payments API ( I want to run bitcoind on my own server and have payments ...
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How to integrate a Bitcoin payment service in my auction site

So, if I wanted to have Bitcoin as a form of method where users could pay, how would I do this? Obviously, there is paypal, where the buyer sends money through pp, which disperses to the seller. So, I ...
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Is a bank account sufficient to receive money in Bitcoins?

A few questions regarding bitcoin money transfer: Can anyone transfer bitcoins into my bank account or do I need to have some bitcoin account for that? Is it legal to receive bitcoins? Especially in ...
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How do I transfer money from a bank account to a bitcoin address [closed]

I need to pay money into a bitcoin wallet address from a South African bank account, please assist
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How can I accept Bitcoin donations on my blog or site?

If I sell things, there are many services that allow me to accept bitcoins as payment. But for those who simply want to accept bitcoins on their blog or other site ... as donations. A simple bitcoin ...
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Is there a way to initiate a payment request in bitcoin?

I'm writing a recurring billing system and I want to be able to contact a customer and request a certain amount of money. Is this possible via bitcoin? If not, could a URL be provided the customer so ...
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How to minimize risk when accepting zero confirmation payments?

I'm trying to setup a way of accepting Bitcoin payments in real life situations, where waiting for confirmations is typically not an option. I understand this is never 100% risk free (especially with ...
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Does an eBay listing that accepts Bitcoin violate their payments policy?

eBay's payments policy says that the listing must accept at least one payment method that is PayPal, credit card, etc. It does not appear to say that other payment methods cannot be offered though. ...
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Bitcoin API - How can I identify new incoming payments?

Good afternoon, I am struggling a bit to receive Bitcoin payments at my online store. So far, I have installed bitcoind in my system and created a set of receiving addresses, and now I face the ...
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Accepting Payments To Bitcoins

I am setting up an online shop to sell digital goods. I would ideally like to accept only Bitcoin payments, however most users do not use Bitcoins or can't work it out. Therefore, I have to accept ...
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Creating secure architecture and payout process

I studied lots of valuable q&a here, but still I have some doubts. Case - simple game (calm down - I'm not one of the rookies creating exchange as seen here), which allows to pay for a game. The ...
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How can I get more than 1 BTC on testnet?

The only way I know of to get testnet coins is through faucets such as the following.
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How to accept BTC payments

I'm developing a website that will be accepting BTC as a form of payment. I (technically) know how to accept payments, I'm currently experimenting with the daemon and the Python-BitcoinRPC library ...
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Is it possible to connect to BTCPay server remote c-lightning node?

I have BTCPay server and would like to use external c-lightning node which i have funded and prefer more over BTCPay server local docker container (DC). In store configuration i see that there is ...
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As a small hotel accepting bitcoins, do I show only one payment address?

I am currently accepting bitcoins as payment at my hotel, but I am uncertain about the payment address(es). I prefer to avoid payment service such as BitPay and Coinbase to mention a few. At this ...
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Does sending non-ripple-money through Ripple require two people to be connected through a web of trust?

Say we have two people - first one puts some money into their Ripple address through a use of a gateway. They are not trusting anyone on the network, but need to send their money to a second party ...
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Logical flow to check for receipt of a bitcoin payment [duplicate]

I'm experimenting with writing some Bitcoin software in Node.JS using the node-bitcoin lib to talk directly to my own bitcoind via JSON-RPC, and I am trying to work out the best-practice way to ...
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I sent out a payment over a day ago and it's still not confirmed [duplicate] Electrum won't ...
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Is it possible to assign a single "from" and a single "to" address to Bitcoin transactions?

I am working on a project where we need to get the "from" and "to" address for every transaction across a number of cryptocurrencies. In account-based currencies, this is pretty ...
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Is it possible to cancel a lightning invoice?

Could the user who generates the invoice not just delete their secret so the payment would not be successful? Maybe there is a more eloquent way that wouldn't result in users funds being stuck for a ...
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Error trying to send payments with RPC sendmany

Need help fixing this error. Error trying to send payments with RPC sendmany {"code":-8,"message":"Invalid parameter, duplicated address I a running a NOMP mining pool that has payment job breaking ...
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Can bitcoin be used for instant payment?

As transactions have to be confirmed, does it imply bitcoin cannot used for instant payment?
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Bitcoin system with payins and payouts using bip32

I want to build an automated system, that can accept payments from users in bitcoin and can make payouts to addresses, specified by users, as well. BIP32 says, that the best way to accept payments is ...
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Bitcoin marketplace payment provider (send BTC from 1 address to multiple addresses with one transaction)

I want to build a marketplace, so there is a buyer and a seller. So when a buyer buys something from the seller I take the fee. Thus part of buyer's money goes to my account like (10%) and the rest to ...
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listreceivedbyaddress returns empty list

I tried bitcoind getnewaddress, but bitcoind listreceivedbyaddress still returned empty list How to create a new address for receiving payments?
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Who in their right mind would waste their Bitcoin on taxes or buying random stuff?

First of all, I very much get the "argument" that Bitcoin has to be used as a currency for it to function long-term and it's a good thing if it is, etc. Not arguing against that. But when I ...
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